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An unplanned post about planning future posts :)

hi everyone 💕

So, yeah, basically what the title says… Tomorrow I am going to start planning for future posts for my blog, so I’ve got all my pads and stationary ready and thought I’d do a quick post about the things I have 😊

  First of all are these two notepads 🙂 These are from sainsburys (where you’ll find I end up buying random stationary bits from) I brought these the other day, and they’re on sale at the minute for £1.50 each (bargain!). They’re just bright and funky and are quite flexible and bendy aswell.

  Post it note booklet (also from sainsburys)… I have a couple of these but this is my favourite! I’m not sure how much this cost as I got it more towards the beginning of the year and haven’t used it yet 🙂

  Pencil case… Is quite old now, so I think I need to search for a new one?! It’s super cute though and everything in the picture actually fits in, which is good.

Bic pens!… I am in love with these ones, which are the cristal fun, they write so nice and are cute pastely colours.. These are on sale in sainsburys also for £1.50 I think, so I bought about three packs (just incase).

Highlighters are from aldi and they were under £1 I think (for a pack of 8) they’re a cheap version of sharpies, but are really good and they’re bright colours.

  Also from sainsburys I bought some crayola super tips washable markers… I had these before and they’re really good (my kids have a pack aswell) these were also on sale so were only £3.50 which is really good (so I bought two of these aswell)

I love love colouring (have done since I was a child) and it’s only been the past year or so when it kind of became trendy for people over 10 to colour, so it’s a lot easier to buy colouring books now! I got these two off amazon.. Not sure how much as I have had these for about 2  months or so, but they’re really good!

I realise I may have rambled on a bit too long, so I do apologise 😊 I am off to do some colouring and I shall see you all soon.

Xoxokiki2 😘
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