Book review || #1 || Jodi Picoult – Leaving Time

Hello, hope all is wonderful?!  It was a shorter break than I expected but I couldn’t wait to write again (even if I do ramble)… Anywho, thanks for being patient and I am really excited to start my blogging journey…

The story is written from four people’s points of view, Jenna, Alice,  serenity and virgil.

Jenna is a teenager who lives with her grandma, her mother has been missing since she was three and her dad is in a psychiatric hospital. Her grandmother won’t say anything about how her mum disappeared, so she decides to try and find out herself what has happened.

Alice (Jenna’s missing mum), started out doing research about elephants in Africa, (you learn quite a lot about elephants reading this book), she met Jenna’s dad when he went to Africa for research purposes and becomes pregnant. Jenna’s dad owns a elephant reserve (helping abandoned elephants) in America so Alice  abandons her research to go to America. Working at the sanctuary, she falls in love with staff member Gideon (who is married) and they have an affair.

Serenity grew up being psychic, she ended up being famous and having her own show, helping police find missing children, and one day it goes wrong and she loses her psychic ability. When Jenna comes along to ask her for help, she’s hesitant as she has isn’t psychic anymore, but goes along with it.

Virgil  is an ex detective who worked on the case involved when Alice went missing. He quit the force just after the case got closed down, faked his own death and now works as a private detective under a different name (he’s also an alcoholic). Jenna finds him, knowing  he faked his own death in the hope of him being able to remember what happened 10 years ago when her mum went missing.

I read some other reviews before I read the book and most were unfortunately bad reviews, I will agree that yes, it is long winded in a tad few places and it may go on about elephants, but get past that and I have to say I like it.

Leaving time (in my opinion) is so so good, I have read all of Jodi pocoults books (so far) and have to say this is one of my favourites! You end up feeling for each character (and if your like me and get emotionally attached to fictional characters) you’ll go through a termoil of emotions, and along with the biggest twist ever it will have you in tears (yes, I did actually cry).

Let me know what you think if you’ve already read this… Also I’m thinking of doing book reviews quite regularly, as I am a big book worm. And if you liked this review and would like me to do a review on a certain book then just get in touch as I love hearing from you all 😊


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