What’s on my phone?!

Hello again 🙂

So, after seeing a few ‘what’s on my phone’ posts a little while ago, I thought ‘what the heck’ lets do one of my own!

I’ve not long cleared a ton of stuff off my phone due to lack of space (which is crap, as I’m a total hoarder) and I also managed to whittle down my photos from nearly 2,000 odd to about 900ish (yay me).

Phone case: eeek! I love love love this phone case… I have no idea what it is supposed to be, but it is so cute! I first saw this case on (btw, check her Insta account out, she is so cool) and I knew I needed one! People at work do regularly take the piss out of it, but who cares right!                    Wallpaper: is of course a picture of my little cuties… Every time I take a new photo of them together they just seem so grown up (UNFAIR).

My main screen: wallpaper is the same (I get confused if the background is different, strange I know).       Folders: so far I’ve made 5 quite vague ones that’ll do for now until I sort everything, I did origaniy have no folders at all, so big difference 😊.        Wunderlist: if you don’t have this app…. Get it, get it, get it… It is basically a to-do list, you can make your own sections for different things (I currently have 11 lists 😕) and you can also make sub lists, notes for each to do and you can also attach things (super handy if I’m after something specific and need a pic handy).

Social/blog folder: first of all I’ll let you know that I am so uncreative and can never think of a good title for anything! But anywho, in this folder there is Facebook (hardly ever go on this though for some reason), messenger, Twitter (of course), Instagram, bloglovin (the most amazing app for bloggers and blog readers, I spend hours reading all the new posts from all my fav blogs, and have found some new favourites along the way), WordPress (as I am without laptop, this is my go to app to post my blogs at the minute), snapchat (eek, another favourite app), Pinterest (may have a slight addiction to Pinterest, but you may agree… It is amazing), YouTube, vine and crowdfire (which is quite a handy little app to have if you have Twitter & Instagram, check it out).

Photography folder: Dropbox, carousel & shoebox (places to store my photos 🙂 found shoebox as an extra backup, as not long ago Dropbox managed to wipe 5 years worth of photos and I can’t even get them back 😦 so I really need to start printing photos or even putting them on a memory stick!) InstaSquarer, layout & font candy (I originally had about 10 different photo editing apps, but only kept these 3 as they’re my favourites!)

Shopping folder: again not much on here, but I use these all the time! Amazon (who doesn’t love Amazon?! Also have about 5 different wish lists on here aswell) eBay (I had quite an addiction for eBay, but I haven’t been on it in an age), Etsy (is my new addiction, so many things I want to buy!! And so many creative people) Lush (*squeels* who doesn’t love lush?! It smells so so good, and they have an amazing range of products).

Other folder: told you… Not creative at all with name choices! But, yeah, this has (as you would guess) all the other apps I couldn’t be arsed to do a folder for 🙂 notes & reminders (hardly use either of these, but you never know, they may come in handy one day) bbc news (not a huge news reader, but handy for big news stories as they pop up in my notifications) dreamdays (super duper handy if you want to count down to a special day, or in my case, if you have small children who always ask how many days it is until Christmas!) my EE, shazam, IMDb, timehop & dubsmash (still a huge fan of this app, and usually spend a good half hour when I’m bored making silly videos – because I am super cool!)

And that’s what’s on my phone 😁 I also have a ‘crap’ folder, which is basically full of the apps that come on the phone, that you don’t use, and can’t delete (booo!)

Hope you have a fab day/night!



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