Review // Dirty works – 4 in 1 face wipes 

Hii, I will start by saying that this is the first time I have used makeup wipes (*gasp). I was a makeup wipe Virgin until a week ago when I picked these up. I literally just used a baby wipe last thing at night, and that was it! I need to start getting my act together and start a skin routine of some sort (*gasp again! I have no skin care routine). But with me writing Xoxokiki hopefully I will start before I’m 30!

On the packet!

*Gentle cleansing  * Removes makeup *Hydrating *Antioxidant-rich 

These multitasking face wipes are the ultimate quick and fuss free solution to gently remove make up and daily impurities. Enriched with extracts of antioxidant-rich cranberry and soothing marshmallow, skin is left feeling clean, softer and healthy looking.

My thoughts!

I will first admit that I chose these because of the packet… It’s so cute! I’m not a beauty expert and I’ll be the first to admit that I listen to or read advice and not actually let it sink in. Anywho…. With these wipes you do have to scrub quite a bit to get your makeup off! I use two, one to scrub the makeup off my face and then another just to give a nice quick go over after! It does leave you with a nice glow (though I’m not sure if that’s the wipes themselves or because you scrub quite a bit to get your makeup off). They smell quite nice (I’m not good at describing things, so I do apologise) kind of like a cross over between perfumey  and fruity! 

Overall: They were ok… They did what the pack said (eventually), but i do think after I’ve finished this pack (it’s my second pack) I’ll probably choose something different! 

Kirsty x

One thought on “Review // Dirty works – 4 in 1 face wipes 

  1. I love these 4 in 1 wipes! My skin felt so nice after using! I bought them to travel last summer but haven’t been able to find them again! Bought them at Winners!

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