|| Follow Friday #1 ||

 Hii! I was planning a whole load of different posts for the past week, but all of us got a horrible bug/virus thing and I’ve not had the energy to do anything 😦

Anywho, I love seeing follow Friday’s, so every Friday I’ll post my favourites that I follow from that week 🙂

Bloglovin – A girl, obsessed

I love this blog! It’s a beauty/blogging/fashion/lifestyle blog. I follow a lot of blogs, but this is one of the top ones I make sure to read whenever there’s a new post… Also all her photos are so cute!

Twitter – B e c a h || YT

Just because I love reading her tweets 😃

Instagram – Melsysillustrations 

 so so cute photos 😍

YouTube – My pale skin 

 I have been obsessed with her videos for quite a while now.. Have got a lot of tips.. And her voice is quite hypnotising (in a bit strange way 😂)

Snapchat – hilaryslife!

She is hilarious.. Love her snaps 😁

So there’s my follow Friday! I do plan on doing this every week… Also if you have a favourite that you follow let me know 😊



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