How cultured am I?? 

Hii! Hope your fandabidosi? Just to start off, this is a lot more light hearted than it sounds! So, on Twitter I saw a tweet by the daily mail with a list of 40 things that supposedly class you as ‘cultured’… So I thought I’d share that list with you all and see how many of these things I actually do 🙂

  1. Go to the theatre… I have been once to see ‘wicked’ (I think that counts) which was absolutely amazing!
  2. Can recognise paintings/art… The only artists work I do recognise is ‘Banksy’… Ooo and the screamy face one 😱
  3. Visit local heratige sites… This I do often(ish).
  4. Listen to classical music… My daughter (who’s now 19 months) went through a faze of watching baby tv, which had classical music on, and more often than not, if you played classical music she would fall asleep 🙂
  5. Go to the ballet… I haven’t been to the ballet, I have watched it on tele many a times & wold absolutely love to go one day! (It’s on my bucket list).
  6. Know what wine goes with what… No… I’m not a wine drinker (though part of me wants to be) so I am dreadful at knowing what wine goes with what food/occasion.
  7. Don’t skip the news on tv… I am an occasional news watcher.. And I have the bbc news app aswell.
  8. Watch documentaries… Yes, I’ll admit most of the time it’s by accident, I’ll change Channel and one will be on and I’ll sit all the way through it.
  9. Can read music… No 😦
  10. Take an avid interest in politics… I should, I know that, but it’s just so boring, I once sat through that programme where there all in the green type room & there’s a table in the middle (help, no idea what this is called) and it just looked like a posh version of Jeremy Kyle! I would love to know more about politics though!
  11. Read daily newspapers… I used to read the ‘Derby telegraph’ everyday, but life and social media got in the way… And books!
  12. Take countryside walks… Yes.. When I can anywho, now my daughter is mostly out of her pushchair we can start doing this again!
  13. Read a book before bed… Yes, yes, yes.. I am an avid reader, so I read part of a book curled up on the sofa in the evening (so relaxing).
  14. Choose city breaks over beach holidays… This may change to a yes in later years, but right now it’s all about relaxing near a beach!
  15. Watch question time…  Ive probably watched this once or twice but it’s not something that I ‘must watch’ (if it’s the programme I’m thinking of that is, I’ll have to check)
  16. Host dinner parties… If having someone round & ordering Chinese counts?? I’ll admit I’m not a great cook, so don’t think  I’ll ever host a dinner party.
  17. Know about cheese… Really?! I know about 5 types, that’s about it.
  18. Enjoy crosswords or sudoku… I suck at both of these, always end up looking at the answers.
  19. Go to vintage markets… Eeek! I love any type of market, and there is actually a vintage market on near me soon! Even though I may not always buy things, I just love walking around, browsing and soaking up the atmosphere!
  20. Know about cuts of meat… I am not a butcher, so I know nothing on this subject!
  21. Watch tennis or cricket… I am of the few people who don’t watch either of these… I just don’t get the excitement that surrounds it??! Need someone to explain all this kerfuffle!
  22. Read the book before the film comes out… ALWAYS! I always prefer the book aswell! Sometimes I watch a film that I didn’t realise was a book, read it, and still prefer the book!
  23. Watch antiques road show… Never watched this (unless catching glimpses of it on gogglbox counts?)
  24. Own a library card… Being the avid reader I am, I really should (and it’s on my to do list) but at this present moment I don’t have one.
  25. Watch films with subtitles… Yes… Not because they’re in a different language, but because the kids are playing slightly too loud for me to hear 😂
  26. Visit farm shops… Again, no.. But I’ve always wanted to.
  27. Use chopsticks over a knife & fork… I tried using them once but didn’t work out too well!
  28. Drink ‘proper’ coffee (not instant)… I don’t drink coffee in any manner, so doesn’t count really.
  29. Know how to pronounce ‘quinoa’… I don’t know what this word is, so I wouldn’t know how to pronounce it (oops).
  30. Grow your own fruit & vegetables on an allotment… Again, nope.
  31. Go to music festivals… On my bucket list, I’ve been a mum since I was 15, so I’ve never had the experience of going to a music festival, hopefully in the next year or two though!
  32. Collect music on vinyl… I’m not that old or that cool, I’d just look out of my depth I think.
  33. Read Wikipedia articles… Kind of.. when I search for something on google, Wikipedia appears, and if I have the time I will read a tad extra.
  34. Only  eat local produce… my reasoning for not doing this is that it is a tad too expensive to be doing when you have a family.
  35. Get the conundrum on countdown… I don’t watch countdown.. and if Im being honest, I didn’t realise that it was still showing.;
  36. Wear bow ties or brooches… This I do on occasion,  depending upon the outfit 🙂
  37. Get food from  supermarket ‘finer’ ranges… Again,  too expensive, but if im doing a meal in for two  then I may splash out a bit.
  38. Drink herbal tea… No, but after Christmas I am dieting so this will be on my list instead of caffeine.
  39. Put on an accent to pronounce foreign words… Everyone does this! Even if no one admits it… we all do!
  40. Avoid generic superstore furniture…  Not too sure what this means, but if it means home ware ranges then im out!

So, there your have it 🙂  From doing this I think im not at all cultured.. but hey, im only 23 so I have plenty of time to do a good few things from this list that I want to do!

Thank you, if you have managed to read this whole post! I hope I haven’t bored the crap outta you,  if not let me know your thoughts, or if your feeling extra brave, see how many of these things you have done 🙂

Kirsty x


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