|| George: Velvet Eye Palette ||

Hii! I thought I would do a review type thing about the George eyeshadow as the other day I knocked over my old one and it smashed (gutted) so I took a trip to Asda today and got another one 🙂

The pallete shade is Earthquake (No.9) and it cost £4.75 (bargain) The first time I bought this was just on a whim, I was shopping and it looked cute and small and was neutral. And to be quite honest had a great price tag! George’s makeup range has really upped its game recently and I have actually got quite a few different products from the range (may do a later post about them).

To say it’s a supermarket brand it is absolutely fab! The pigmentation (always wanted to use that word) is brilliant and it has a velvety smooth feel to it and just works wonders! It actually holds all day, even without a base or setting powder (which is what everyone wants, right?!) I saw another palette that I’m hoping to get next week (I can remember seeing purple!) so I will do a post as soon as I get it.
I will let you in on a secret that, whenever I’ve ran out of eyebrow pencil/wax/powder I use one of the brown shades to fill in my eyebrows!

I cannot rave enough about this eyeshadow! So if you’re looking for a cute little palette that is really good quality but really greatly priced then head to Asda and grab this beauty!!

Kirsty x


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