Monthly favourites

Friday Favourites #1

Hii! So instead of doing a follow Friday, I thought I’d start a Friday favourites instead… I’ll still include my favourite blogs etc., but I have random favourite things every week so I thought I’d do this 🙂

These are so so yummy! My son wanted some for school, so I picked up a good few to stock up and obviously had to try some myself! If you have a sweet tooth but are trying to be healthy, these are for you! They’re all fruit (seriously) and the packaging is extra cute 🙂

Palmers cocoa butter!!! I have a large normal bottle, a pump top bottle, a gradual tan, hand/foot tube and a lip balm… I love this stuff, it makes your skin so so soft, it’s budget friendly and smells so delicious!

American horror story! I’ve only just started watching this… I have no idea why I didn’t before now, because so far it’s really good (slightly confusing), I managed to watch half of season one last night, so I guess I’ll be on a Netflix binge most of the weekend 🙂

Washi tape!! I have probably gone over board with the amount of things I have decorated with this stuff.. But it looks so pretty, so who cares?!

This shirt! It’s normal length at the front and then a tad longer at the back (is that asymmetrical?) and is just light and floaty! And I am in love with the print too! (Ooo, it’s from primark, but I think it was a season or two back though)

Thrifty Blogger … Love this blog! Her blog has a bit of everything… Fashion, lifestyle & beauty, I think I actually prefer to read blogs that are like this, as there’s a different topic each time 🙂 so far there hasn’t been a post of hers that I’ve just scrolled past, I read them all. Check her out!

What are your favourites this week? Let me know 🙂

Kirsty x

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