Mini lush haul #2

Hii! I know what your thinking… Bloody hell, another one after just a week?!          But like I said before, who can resist lush?! I only got 4 things so it wasn’t too bad, though I saw a few other bits that I really want so I may have another couple of mini lush hauls coming up before Christmas!

Santa’s Lip Scrub! I originally went in to finally get the bubblegum lip scrub after hearing so many good reviews about it, but then the lovely assistant at lush introduced me to the lovely santas lip scrub! It’s cola flavoured (I could just eat the whole pot) & smells so delicious.. It also has surprisingly little lovehearts dotted in… And I’ve been using this a good few times a day, so I may need to get another on my next trip 🙂

Snow Fairy – Shower Gel I can remember this from last year and just had to get some! It’s candy floss scented and is just heavenly… I was also introduced to the fairy dust dusting powder, which has the same scent and a little sparkle added to it (also on my wish list)!

Butterbear Bath Bomb & Ickle Baby Bot Bath Bomb the Ickle baby bath bomb is so good, i got this last time and had to get another one, it’s lavender scented (but not to strongly) and is really relaxing (for children and adults)… The butterbear bath bomb is a new discovery, I haven’t used it yet, but it smells amazing, it’s vanilla scented and kind of has the same effect as the baby bot 🙂

I may have to do a lush wish list post soon as there’s so many things I wanted & to be quite honest, if I was majorly rich I would just buy a lush shop and live in it 🙂

Have you been to lush recently? What have you bought? And what’s on your wishlist?



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