Thoughts and catchups

Sunday share :)

  (Drawing by: Loui Jover)
Hii! I thought I’d do a Sunday share as I have been super busy with life and have become totally stressed out trying to do a million different things!

After two short months, I’ve realised that, for now, I’m more of a blog reader than a blog writer! It’s an amazing hobby if you have the time & dedication, but at the moment with full time work and my family, I feel like I have to sacrifice a few things to keep on top of posting constantly, as it really is a lot of hard work.

I’m not going to be giving up on Xoxokiki as when I do I have time it’s really good to just sit down and write about anything that I like 🙂 so I will still be doing the occasional post, but this time it’s less about how many views I get ect. (Although if you do read my blog, then thank you so much). So posts will be as and when, I may go a whole week/month without doing a post or I may do a few days in a row! Who knows…. But I hope that even if it’s just one person who reads, will enjoy what I write… If not, then who cares right?!

I will still be finding time to read all my favourite blogs that I follow though, and  I’m going to start doing follow Friday on Twitter 🙂

Kirsty x

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