|| Book Review #4 || Clare Makintosh – I let you go

Book front photo (i let you go)

Hii 🙂  So,  I did post this review the other day,  but wordpress didn’t seem to like it as it just randomly disappeared :/ Luckily I’ve started writing drafts of posts in a notebook, so all is right in the world and I just have to type out and edit it (which isn’t too bad) and reschedule some other things I was going to do.          Sorry for the rambling, I’ve been complaining for most of the afternoon to anyone who’ll listen.

Anywho, I’ve recently just finished reading ‘I let you  go’ by Clare Makintosh….

It’s written from the perspectives of two people,  Jenna and Ray.

Jenna is more of the main character of the story. At the start her world is kind of ripped apart by a terrible accident. So she decides to leave everything behind and move to a remote  cottage in Wales. She keeps herself  to herself ,  but one day,  a good while later, she meets a man and they start seeing each other and the accident gets put to the back of her mind and she starts being happy again.

Ray is the Detective Inspector and is working on  the case regarding the accident. His  marriage is kind of rocky and his  son  is having problems in school. He always seems to be spending more time and work, and has a slight thing for one of his younger female colleagues.

I cant really describe much of the  book or the characters without giving most of the story away… and I don’t know about  you,   but I hate reading a review and seeing major spoilers. I will tell you that its slow  going at first,  but in  the middle of the  story is where it kind of truly begins.  Really worth a read,  and if your reading it and thinking it is crap, keep at it as I  promise it will get  better.

Have you read ‘I let you  go’? What are your thoughts?

Kirsty x


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