Boots Natural collection || A small collection ||

boots natural collection (main  photo)

Hii! I’ve been waiting a while to write a post about boots’ Natural Collection. These are kind of a long lost treasure of mine 🙂 When I was younger I had a few of their lipsticks and the foundation, which to be quite honest I probably had the wrong shade of and put waay to much on  (oops).

So when  I nipped into Boots the other week to just have a wander around,  I came across The Natural collection , which has actually grew since I last bought any of the products. I only picked  up  four things because I was slightly apprehensive due to the low price of £1.99 for every item.

boots natural collection (foundation )

First up…  The  Natural Collection colour foundation (God this brings  back memories) in Porcelain 🙂 I thought I would get the lightest shade I could find, as normally I always get ones a shade to dark (and always forget when  I pick up a new one). It’s medium coverage and suitable for normal/combination  skin types (though I have no clue what skin type mine is).  For some reason  it looks really orange in the photo (or is it just me?). Anywho this foundation goes on so flawlessly I was quite  amazed to say the least, it left no streaks (which I find that cheaper foundations usually do) gave quite good  coverage and also to my surprise lasted a whole day 🙂 So  big thumbs up.

boots natural collection (green concealer)

Next up is the Green Concealer stick. I’ve never purchased a green concealer  as I was just baffled at how it actually worked and didn’t want to spend a good deal of money on something that I may  not use. I’ve read reviews on other blogs about green concealer so  I thought, at this price  I may aswell  give it a go 🙂 I am surprised at how good this works, I tend to use it on spots and under my eyes and it works really well. So when this one has run  out ill have to look around and see what other ones are about.

boots natural collection (powder)

Next  is the Natural Collection pressed powder! I love a good powder, I don’t know why but I cant pull off the dewy/shiny face look,  it just looks like my skin is oily and I haven’t washed my face for a while. I think this should be priced higher  because it is so good and actually does a better job than  other pressed powders I’ve paid quite a good bit for. This is a definite must have for anyone , it gives great coverage (can a powder give coverage? not sure if its the right word to use) and again lasts all day, even though im one of those people who near enough constantly touches their face (not good I know).

boots natural collection (eyeshadow)

EDIT: Just looking back for broken links and half of this post is missing!

^^ The natural collections eye shadow duo… I love love this little pot and 7 months later i still have it and still use it, only…. I use it to fill in my brows! Yes, you heard right… I now have a few eyebrow kits but if im having a no makeup day but still want my brows filling in a little, i always go to this! No primer needed and this stuff lasts on my brows all day (from 7am all the way until around 10pm, when i remove my makeup).

If you read this before the edit, i am super sorry that half was missing.. If your reading for the first time… yay! thank you for reading and just ignore me haha.

Have you used any of the above? Or anything in general from the naturals collection? If not everything is well worth purchasing 🙂

Kirsty x

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