Monthly goals

Monthly goals: November

Hii! Every month I set myself some goals for the month ahead… Very rarely do I ever complete said goals, so I thought I’d start a monthly goals post on every 1st of the month 🙂 here are this months goals… (And I’ve said goals waay to many times)

Create a blog post schedule… And stick to it! At first I wanted to post something every day, but after a week I realise how unrealistic that would be for me, so I’ve been posting here and there, not to any set schedule and to be honest most posts are a bit eratic and I haven’t spent as much time on them as I would like to.

Do my Christmas shopping… At the moment I have bought about 3 presents :/ I always leave my Christmas shopping until the last minute and it’s always rushed, and come Christmas Eve I’ve either forget to get certain presents or don’t have enough wrapping paper/sellotape (*grrr).

Read 3 books… Three doesn’t sound like too many, but that’s the plan (I’m doing a post soon about said books, so keep your eyes peeled).

Find a subscription box to subscribe to… I’ve seen so many different subscription boxes I want to try, so I’ll be doing a post soon on all my favourite ones, and hopefully that will make me decide which one to choose (and fingers crossed can sign up to one by the end of the month).

Stay positive & don’t stress out… I am quite a positive person and always see something good in a bad situation, but I do stress out a hell of a lot over the littlest of things.

Make a sign off thing & a new header… Sorry, I have no idea what they’re called, but the little sign off type thing at the end of a post (that). And I also get bored pretty easily, and im not that in love with my header anymore, so I want to create a new one this month.

I think that’s about it :/ although I know ill re-read this post in a day or two and think ‘oh crap, I should’ve added that’.

Hopefully, with me writing a post of my goals I’ll stick to them mores easily and complete them 🙂

What are your goals for November? And also, if you set yourself goals, how do you stick to / accomplish them?

Kirsty x


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