November reading list…

Hii! As you may know from the couple of book reviews I’ve done so far, I love love reading, I would lock myself in a library for the rest of my life if I could 🙂

Anywho, I thought I’d share what books I hope to be reading (and finished by the end of the month) and I have a feeling this will be a monthly thing.

First up is little girl gone by Alexandra Burt! I  currently reading this one already (so expect a review soon) and I am hooked. It’s about a woman who’s baby goes missing, and she doesn’t report it until days later when she wakes up in hospital with no memory, except for the fact that she knows her baby is missing…

Next is one step too far by Tina Seskis! I have no clue what this one is about, the blurb is quite vague, a girl called Emily wakes up one day and walks out of her life because she has a secret :/ what can I say, I chose this book based on the cover and that it’s had a few good reviews and it’s a thriller. So we’ll all have to wait & see what it’s about haha.

And lastly is what she left by T.R.Richmond! Again I just randomly picked this one (I usually choose really good books with this method, so don’t judge ;)) This book is about a girl who mysteriously drowns, she’s left ‘clues’ in her diary, texts, emails & social media for someone to hopefully piece them together. It’s a ‘dead good’ Sainsburys exclusive & it has an extra free story called tracing Alice.

So that’s my reading list for this month 🙂 I suppose by the looks of it I’m in a tense thriller mystery mood this month, and I’m really excited to see what happens in each of the books 🙂

Have you read any books off my November reading list? What are your thoughts? What are you reading this month?


Links for previous book reviews…

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2 thoughts on “November reading list…

    1. Thanks for reading 🙂 I loved gone girl, literally finished it within a week as could hardly put it down… I shall have a peek at your blog now (I always love finding new ones to read) x


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