10 facts about myself :) 

#paperlovestory30days #1

  Hii! This is the 1st of the 30 days of lists (November) I totally forgot until I saw a scribbling I had in my diary about it. So go and check out Paperlovestory’s blog  to learn a bit more about it 🙂

I am terrible at doing facts about myself as in never sure what to put and get stuck after about 3, but hey ho, here’s 10 facts about me…

  1.   I am a mummy of 3 🙂 two boys who are 7 & 8 and a little girl who’s 2 in February x
  2. I have a slight addiction to redbull
  3. I smoke (I know…. But I plan to quite very soon)
  4. I’ve been together with my boyfriend for nearly 10 years ❤
  5. I am pretty much addicted to buying new stationery (it’s all so pretty though)
  6. I am very forgetful
  7. I am a major borkworm (if I could read 24/7 I would)
  8. I hope to one day soon study forensic psychology/science
  9. I am waay to nice (I need to toughen up a bit).
  10. I’m probably a bit too sarcastic for my own good :/

That actually took quite a long time to come up with…

Are you doing the #paperlovestory30days list challenge? What are your 10 facts about yourself?

Kirsty x


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