Book review || #5 || Alexandra Burt – Little Girl Gone

Hii! I thought I’d share my thoughts on this book right now as I’ve literally just finished reading it… And It was such a good book! (And that’s a bit of an understatement).

So,  the story is about a woman called Estelle. She has a baby daughter that one day has just gone missing. The baby, clothes, bottles etc. all gone as if she didn’t exist. Estelle doesn’t report her missing. Days later she’s found in a wrecked car with injuries that seem self inflicted and she also has amnesia.

Throughout the book, you definitely go on a journey with Estelle, because you’re recalling what has happened at the same time she has…. *I admit that’s not the greatest description. But as Estelle is seeing a psychiatrist trying to recover her lost memories, you as a reader are taken back with her, trying to discover what happened and how her baby just vanished. Not only that but you kind of go through a rollercoaster of emotions with her as she tries to recall what exactly happened.

I love raving about books, and I want to go into every single detail of the book, but at the same time im trying to give a ‘no spoilers’ review. Im thinking of doing two reviews in future when I’ve read a book… a no spoilers kind of vague(ish) review and then another one full of spoilers and all my thoughts along the way of me reading it.   Which I think will be fun for both me and you all then you can choose which review you’d like to read (sometimes I love reading spoilers, I cant help myself) and also it gives me the chance to write all my thoughts that otherwise I just keep to myself.

Have you read ‘Little girl gone’? What are your thoughts?


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