Free prints :)

Hii! Hope your day has been good?! And it could get a little better if (like me) you love a good bargain!
*I will quickly note that this isn’t sponsored, and yes, I got the prints free (but they are for everyone)…

I have used free prints two or three times now and every time I always tell anyone who will listen. Every month I can now delete a few photos from my phone to make room for even more, and if your like me and never have any space for anymore photos (ever!) then this is a great idea.


 This is an app (i need to add) but is available on android and isos 🙂

The quality of the photos are really good. You can choose photos from your phone library, facebook, instagram, flickr, instagram and DropBox.

You get up to 45 6 x 4’s for free, you can upgrade and add extra photos but you do pay extra for that. I think 45 a month is great, i do end up getting extra, but to be quite honest they don’t cost a great deal extra. You can do this every single month!!!! So at the beginning of the month i’m always on the app ready to print more.

I think that’s about it?! I just think its a great idea, everyone loves a good bargain and to be honest everyone is getting sick of me telling them yet again when I’ve told them already a month ago!

FreePrints <– Here is the link for the main site which you can find the links for downloading the app!

Have you used FreePrints before? What are your thoughts?



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