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Weekly catch-up #2

Hii! Hope you’ve had a good week?! Im trying to think of a better title for this post as weekly catch-up sounds a bit lame :/ and I’ve also realised I have  no idea how you actually spell it *insert confused emoji.

This week I’ve been…  Working (as per usual) and spending time with my little family at home as its been way to miserable to go out and do anything 😦

On Thursday,  I went to a retirement meal for a lovely old man that I work with, it was all us girls from work and we went to The Coopers Arms in Derbyshire, which if your ever in the area I suggest you go, its a lovely venue and the food was amazing…2015-11-29_21.34.05

I had a meaty sharing platter (no idea what its called) to start with, the carvery of which I piled my plate a tad too high and was majorly bloated for the rest of the evening, and even  though I was absolutely stuffed, yes,  I still had dessert 🙂 which was a white chocolate cheesecake with strawberry ice cream  and fresh strawberries,  and it was absolutely gorgeous!

Saturday I had a quick trip into town to grab the last few bits for the Christmas blogger box share, which was set up by the amazing Ms Mistry Blogs and Blogger & The Geek , so go check out their  blogs  🙂 Also, check out the lovely Chelsea O’Rorkes blog who I’ve been paired up with!  Anywho, town was super busy so I couldn’t really browse as much as I wanted to  (which I suppose saved me a lot of money!) but like usual I ended up in Lush and brought a few bits, so you’ll see another Lush haul this week 🙂

Next week… Will be more of the usual :/ I need to pick up the last few Christmas prezzies for the kids… and also (getting over excited here) I should receive my Winter Box of Lame and also Decembers GlossyBox!!

What have you  been up to this week? Have you got any plans for the upcoming week?


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