Monthly goals

Monthly goals: December!

Hii! Happy December!!! This is one of my favourite months… It’s the start of winter, and of course CHRISTMAS! Also its nearing the start of a new year 🙂


Firstly, a quick catch up on Novembers goals which you can find…. here!

* Create a blog post  schedule… From today you can expect a post every Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday 🙂 I may post on other days aswell, but these are the definite days I’ll be posting!

*Do my Christmas shopping… Nearly! I’ve got a few more bits to get but I’ve been much more productive than last year as I left everything until the week before!

*Read 3 books… Half  way there. I’ve had every intention of reading all three, but so far I’ve only managed one and a half :/

*Find a subscription box to subscribe to… This month ive signed up for GlossyBox so I’m super excited to get the december box!

*Stay positive and don’t stress out… So far… Kind of haha. It’s a lot harder to do (the not stressing out part) especially in the run up to christmas, but I have been a lot more positive 😀

*Make a sign off & new header… I may have to invest and get someone to do this for me, I have no creative skills at all and I want it to be perfect 🙂

make it a december to rememberphoto link 🙂

December Goals!!!

  • Get Organised!!!! This is a must… to say I have soo  many notepads and to-do lists,  I never actually get my arse into gear and actually do stuff.
  • Find someone to create me a header & sign off!… Ive been wanting a change for a while and I did try to create them myself,  but they were complete and utter rubbish, so I need some help!! If you know of anyone who does this let me know  🙂
  • Be more festive/christmasy….  I don’t know why  but this year Im not in a christmasy mood at all… Im not sure if its to do with the un-wintery weather or what, im just not feeling it.. So I want to try and get into it a bit more and hopefully spread some cheer 🙂
  • Treat myself… I know its nearly Christmas and I probably shouldn’t, but I never treat myself as im  always thinking of others and I think this is kind of a must, even if its just shutting myself in my room with some candles, hot chocolate and a book ( That would be my idea of heaven).
  • Get a diary (personal & blogging) and a calendar… I always do this at the beginning of November, but this year has been going way to quick for me and I haven’t  done this yet 😦

That is about all I can  think of :/ At the beginning of  January ill be doing a 2016   Goals so im looking forward to that 🙂

What are your goals for December??? Also, remember,  if you know anyone who can create amazing headers and/or sign offs, let me know 🙂



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