Thoughts and catchups

Weekly catch up #3


Hii! Hope you’ve had a great  week?! I have been super busy, getting pulled under with work and family, so I am a day late with my posting 😦

This week I’ve been… more of the usual haha.. Next year I am determined to do something interesting at least once a week!

On Tuesday I finally sent my #christmasbloggerboxshare! to the lovely Chelsea Link 🙂 so I’m keeping my fingers crossed she likes it! We only had a budget of £10 so it was quite difficult to do but at the same time meant you had to get a bit creative. On Sunday (yesterday) I received my box… And oh my gosh it was  amazing!


Here’s sneak peek ^^ I’ll be doing a post all about it inbetween Christmas and new year so keep your eyes peeled!

Today I finally wrote a long overdue letter back to the lovely Becky over at 🙂 I was part of the letter project back in October (I think, god its gone way to fast) hosted by uli at Foundsomepaper which was a great idea & project to take part of!

On Monday (sorry this isn’t in order :/) I was majorly overexcited to receive my #winterboxoflame by thatlamecompany! It was so pretty & I found a few new companies that create amazing products as well!


And that is about as much excitement as I saw this week!

How was your week? Hopefully it was a bit more exciting than mine! Let me know 🙂



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