Thoughts and catchups

Weekly catch up #4


Hii! Hope your in a christmasy mood?! Thought I’d do a catch up post to say hello and that I’m still here haha!

The past (just over a) week or so has been super hectic but quite unproductive! My little girls been poorly, I’ve been working all week and been getting ready for chrismas, so come 9 o’clock I’ve been absolutely shattered and not in the mood to do anything other than lie down and either watch Netflix or read blogs!

Last week we had our secret Santa in the production office at work! And my gift was from the lovely Simon and as everyone knows I love any form of stationery and he got me the cutest notepad, pen and case set ever!! Then we all went to pizza hut for lunch as you can never go wrong with a good pizza lunch time buffet!! (Unless you don’t like pizza that is).


On Sunday, me, kieran & the kids did our yearly Christmas tradition and went to wollaton hall in Nottingham to see the reindeers! This year they had a small Crafts fair on so we had a wander around that aswell. We had a long walk around the grounds, got caked in mud but we managed to actually get really close to the reindeers this year so was super excited!! (The reindeer are wild if your wondering why we couldn’t just go and pet  them).

(Sorry for the photos not being that great! I reeeaaaly need to save up and get an actual proper camera!)

I don’t break up from work until Christmas eve!! But I have all of next week off so I’ll be planning planning and making a few tweeks to xoxokiki and I’m extremely looking forward to writing and stuff in hopefully a week or so!

Are you all ready for Christmas?? Like usual I’ve left most of it to last minute and will be running round like mad the next few evenings (oops!).


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