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Goodbye 2015 x


Hii! Its nearly time to say farewell to 2015, a year,  which in my opinion, has flown by way to fast for my liking! It has been a year full of ups and downs, endings and new beginnings, and I am both apprehensive and excited to see what 2016 will bring!

Favourites in 2015…

Favourite Books…  

Little girl gone by Alexandra Burt!  

Gone girl by Gillian Flynn!  

The maze runner series by James Dashner! (There are so many more books, nearly every book I read turns into one I could read again!)

Favourite Beauty Products…

This year I’ve had 3 top top beauty products that I’ve used for the majority of the year which are…

George (at asda) eyeliner! It’s a twisty pencil eyeliner but has been the best by far that I’ve used this year.  

Boots’ Natural collection Lash Care Mascara! I’m not fully sure what the benefits of this mascara are, but omg! It is a god send mascara, it gives a good bit of length, its not too heavy, it doesn’t clump, it lasts for quite a while and it’s only £1.99!  

Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturizing Lotion+   I first tried this when  I got a sample (either with a magazine or beauty box, can’t really remember) and used it that often that I just had to buy the full size. I love this stuff! (Also have it on my list of posts to do as well!)

Lush!! I have been majorly more in love with Lush this year,  so many many of their products are my favourites this year!

Favourite Blogs…

This is also a hard one, I read way too  so many different blogs, but these are on my list of must read every new post straight away….

Dorkface … This girl is probably on near enough everyones favourite blogger of this year list (if she isn’t.. why not?!!) The girl behind #GirlGang she is just witty and I look forward to all her posts 🙂

  Chapters of Kat … her blog is so so pretty and I just love looking out for new posts 🙂

Love.Laughs.Lipstick… Whenever I need a good pick me up I head straight to this blog. She is hilarious (in a good way), fun and just, yeah.. Insert heart face emoji…

Underland to Wonderland… DISNEY… That’s all I need to say 🙂


Goals for 2016…

Blog goals…

  • Be more consistent with posts!!! I have already got a blog planner and have more or less sorted out a schedule which I should be able to stick to 🙂
  • Be more involved in the  blogging community!! I tend to hold back a lot as Im always scared of not fitting in or just seeming annoying  by just saying hello :/ So I am determined to join in twitter chats more, start talking to other bloggers and also comment on blogs , which should be easy as I read enough so I should comment!
  • Buy a camera!! I currently take all my photos on my iphone and I am dying to get my hands on a proper camera so I can start taking decent photos!
  • Reach 1,500 followers on Twitter! I have 860 at the moment, so only another 640  to go! I am actually surprised I’ve reached over 500, so fingers crossed!



Life goals…

  • Be more positive! I am a total worrier, I get anxious over the smallest of things and think the worst of every situation. So I would like to have a more positive outlook over things and  hopefully in turn that will make me be a bit more happier in general.
  • Decorate! I’ve lived in my current house for over a year now, and I still haven’t decorated anywhere!! So this is a major must, and ill be doing a room at a time to both save money and saving  living in a shit hole!
  • Try not to give a crap about what other people think! This is a major one, I think my life entirely revolves around my made up scenarios of what other people may think if I say or do such and such, and it is such an annoying thing because I know in the back of my mind that its holding me back from doing a hell of a lot of things. So Im going to (within reason obviously) just say or do what I want without constantly worrying what other people may say 🙂

kids collage

Happy new year!!

If you have any new year posts let me know because I love reading them!!






6 thoughts on “Goodbye 2015 x

    1. The maze runner series was so so good.. defiantly better than the movies!
      Stopping caring what others think is much harder than it seems, so its really something I want to do 🙂
      Fingers crossed, I think even reaching 1000 would be amazing! x


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