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#sorrynotsorry (actually, #sorryiamsorry)

Hii! First of all I apologise for the dodgy, not so informative title! I had no idea whatsoever of what to name this post, and this was the best I could come up with :/

For a long time (probably all of my teenage / adult life) I have been apologising for near enough everything I do or say. Whether I’m at home, shopping, at work or wherever I feel the need to always justify what I say or do and constantly saying sorry for everything.

I absolutely hate being this way and I think this post is a step forward (for myself at least) and hopefully 2016 will be the year that I can stop having to feel the need to apologise when I shouldn’t.

My aim is to stop saying sorry for the following list of things by the end of the year and also hopefully be able to do what I want to do without the need of anyone’s approval.

  • Nearly bumping into people and saying sorry… Yes you heard right, if I am very close to bumbing into someone I apologise. Especially if I’m food shopping, someone can bump into me and not blink an eye, but I will feel guilty even though I know I have no need to feel like that.
  • Saying what’s on my mind… Actually, make that speaking at all. I don’t say sorry out loud for this, but for some reason after I’ve joined in a conversation or have said something that’s on my mind, I’m always like ‘shit, should I have said that?’ ‘What are they going to think now?’ And most common of all ‘maybe I just shouldn’t speak at all’. Now to other people, I must seem like a complete nut job thinking this, but it is something that is really difficult for me and is probably the main thing to overcome this year. Also to add to this.. Twitter chats, blog comments and just twitter in general… It makes me a nervous wreck! That’s all I’ll say, otherwise I’ll end up in a whole other topic (which I may do a post on when I’m feeling a tad more brave).
  • Using discounts or a gift card in a store… I have no idea why I should apologise for this as a discount or a gift card is one of the greatest things ever, but in a store when paying I’ll always be like ‘sorry, but I have a discount/gift card, if you don’t mind’ yeah, I have no idea why I do this.
  • Giving someone a present… This one is quite common (I think anyway) be it someone’s birthday or any sort of annual holiday where present giving is involved, I will apologise so much before they manage to actually open the present ‘just in case’.

There’s probably plenty more scenarios in which I say sorry and shouldn’t but these were the main ones! I am absolutely determined to stop apologising unnecessarily this year, and really hope I do as in the long term I think it will benefit me and give me a that bit more confidence that I need 🙂

Im sorry for rambling on and also I’m sorry for not proof reading & editing as if I did read it through I wouldn’t have the balls to post it, and it would end up in the deleted post pile :/

Do you feel like you say sorry unnecessarily? Or any tips on how I can stop apologising so much? If you do please let me know 🙂2016-01-05_21.10.23


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