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Glossybox: January!

Hii! So last week I received January’s Glossybox (my last one for a while) and was quite excited because I didn’t receive December’s (which I really wanted).

But, oh.m.g I just noticed that in Februarys box you get one of MUAs power pout glaze lip shade!


Anywho, I know there’s been a lot of posts about this months box, so I do apologise if you don’t want to see another one.. But while your here you might aswell read what I got eh?!


First up, as I didn’t receive last months box,  I received an extra something in the form of  Dermalogica overnight repair serum (age smart)!  Which is a ‘Supercharged peptide serum with Argan and Rose oils to help increase  luminosity, and encourage collegen-producing  activities for dramatic age-fighting  benefits’.  I will admit I wasn’t overly excited about this as I’m only 23 and wrinkles/fine lines aren’t much of an issue… but on the bright side I can  get ahead of time and use it now (maybe??).

I also received the Madara Cellular Repair Serum (full size) and also 20% off my next Madara purchase 🙂  the serum  ‘plumps skin, while boosting hydration & radiance’  which is something my face lacks, so im actually looking forward to trying this.

Last up (skin -wise) is the Unani Dermo Defense Face Mask  (full size)  This  is said to be ideal for sensitive skin and ensures your  complextion   stays hydrated and nourished. Again  im looking forward to using this aswell, I’ve been  looking  for a different face mask for a while, as im a  big Lush facemask fan, so don’t wander too far. It doesn’t smell too bad (it doesn’t actually seem  to have a scent so..) and it’s a clear gel type  mask.



Next on to makeup (yay)…

I  received the Teeez Cosmetics Oasis Gem Lipstick (in coral onyx)  (full size)   its  a kind of orangy redy pink colour, usually I don’t like brighter colours, im a nude person  (nude shades!!!!) but I quite like the colour, though im  not sure if I will actually use it often. It is really pigmented and goes on so smoothly. I will  also add,  I just read, has coconut oil added in to keep your lips all nice and soft 🙂

GlossyBox Eyeshadow  in Glossy Mauve (full size) Sorry I couldn’t find a link 😦 I didn’t know glossybox had their own brand products, (is this a new thing??) I tried some on the back of my hand and it didn’t show up really great, so I may need to use a primer beforehand, but except from that its quite a nice colour.

And last, but not least Angele Paris Red Nail Lacquer (full size) which I also couldn’t find a link for :/  I am a total nail varnish lover and surprisingly the only colour I don’t own is red! (Just realised that’s a lie and  apparently I have one as I had red nails not long before Christmas! oops).  But nevermind, the colour looks amazing and you can never have too many nail polishes, right??!


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7 thoughts on “Glossybox: January!

  1. Wow, it sucks you didn’t get December’s box! The funny thing is that I got just that eyeshadow (I didn’t know either Glossybox had its own makeup products :p) and the Teeez lipstick in my December box! I love reading posts about beautyboxes, it’s always fun to see what others get in their box! If you’re curious for mine, just check my blog – it’s the current newest article 🙂

    Xx Ilse


    1. I know right?! I was looking forward to that one aswell.

      I love seeing what people get aswell, even if its the same things I like reading about their opinions on the things 🙂

      ooo, I will have a read now 🙂

      xx kirsty


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