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January Favourites!


january favourites
Hii! I hope you have had a wonderful January?! I personally hate January,  it is the month that just drags and that long wait for payday drives me crazy (and of course, come two days after payday and i am totally skint yet again).

Anywho,  my favourites from  this last month are a tad random, but nevertheless…

Foood… Christmas chocolate has left the shelves and in its place up pops easter treats! Even though its two months away, I’ve picked up a couple of packets of Cadbury’s  mini eggs and also the mini cream eggs… Terrible i know, i think i just need to stop going food shopping and make someone else go  for me!

TV… I have just finished watching ‘The Affair’ and oh.m.g this was so so addictive, the first episode i wasn’t too sure of, but i thought id give it a go and i loved it.. If you haven’t watched this or heard about it,  long story short,  its about… an affair!  < — Really, that is kinda the storyline,   but I’d definitely recommend it!   Oooo, also I’ve been trying to catch up on  ‘Pretty Little Liars’… I didn’t realise season 6 was on until i saw it all over twitter,   but i was only halfway through season 5, so i am just binge watching when  i can to try and get to whatever episode people are at now.

Candles…  My love for scented candles has grown  so much since  autumn,  and i have grown quite a collection 🙂 I am not that well off  (actually im always broke,  so scratch that last bit) so i cant afford tons of Yankee candles.. BUT on Friday i did pick up a couple of melts that were on sale (yay me) and oh. my.gosh they smell so good! 


I usually pick up my candles either at sainsburys or ikea , though over Christmas i did pick up a couple  from primark,  and they really surprised me as they smell so good and last for quite a while!

Blogs… Of course i have my usual favourite favourites that i always read,  but im finding new blogs all the time (you all need to stop blogging, i don’t have enough time to read them all!) so i end up having favourite posts more than  favourite blogs now… I am doing a post of favourite/inspiring/helpful blogs on  Thursday,  so keep your eyes peeled!

Beauty… Face wipes!!! I don’t know why but this month I have been addicted to using face wipes, I don’t have a specific favourite, but I will be doing a ‘face wipe haul’ on Saturday (well, that’s the plan).

I think that is about it?!  ….Yup!

What have been  your January favourites?



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