Monthly goals

February Goals!

Hii! It is that time again that a month has flown by quite to quick for my liking, and here I am doing my goals for February!

Did I achieve any of last months goals???   The answer to this is no… why? I hear you ask… because I was rubbish and didn’t set myself any (oops). January is kind of a lazy kick off to the year, so February will be the month that I get up off my arse and start doing stuff!


*ORGANISE, ORGANISE, ORGANISE…. I really need to get my shit together and sort out a plan that I WILL stick to… Schedule & post ideas! <—- I really need a space at home specifically for blogging, I have no desk etc so I’ve not really been that motivated… So I need a desk & a little blogging space ASAP!

PROMOTE… I don’t promote my blog at all, I know I should (as how else will people know about it), but I end up getting scared that people will just think I’m annoying / why is she promoting her crappy blog?! I need to have a bit more confidence in xoxokiki and put a bit more work in, creating posts that I will love (so perhaps others may love them too) and just getting my blog out there for people to read.

*PHOTOS… I’ve been saying this for god knows how long… although I think I am getting a bit better at taking them.. I just need to get a better camera and be a bit more creative.

*FREE ADVERTISING & A GIVEAWAY…. This month I really want to sign up to advertise on other blogs, but I also want to do free advertising on xoxokiki for the next couple of months to see how it goes. Also at the end of this month I want to host my own giveaway! I have no idea what the prize will be (i’ll do a poll/survey or something), it wont be a majorly expensive giveaway, but I just kind of want to say thank you to people who’ve been reading my blog for the past 6 months (Halfway to a year, YAY).

*BE A TAD MORE CONFIDENT…  I’ve been struggling with confidence for such a long time (I have none whatsoever) and I just want to push myself out of my comfort zone and do the things I want to do without constantly worrying.

*ORGANISE…. Just like this blog, I am so unorganised with absolutely everything! I leave things until the last minute (or sometimes just completely forget altogether).

*FIND MYSELF?…. <– I don’t know if that’s the correct way to explain but nevermind eh?! I just basically want to find my place in the world, I have no hobbies (bar blogging which I’m not the greatest at), no passions… basically I am just drifting with no clear aim in sight. I want some creativity in my life and at the very least a vision of what I want to do in life. I know I’m only 23 (24 in 2 weeks :/) but I feel I should have at least a bit of my life sorted right?! …. I think this is more of a GOAL goal and something I cant do in a month, but I need to start somewhere eh?!


And that is about it! This month I am going to print this page and stick it everywhere just to remind myself haha.                                        

Do you have any goals this month? Also, did you have any from last month that you managed to achieve? Let me know 🙂







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