Cleansing wipes.. Yes, I’m using them!

Hii! This post was originally just going to be a ‘haul’  type post, but I was looking around and realised that most people don’t actually use cleansing  / face wipes  anymore! I’m  not too sure why this is (if anyone else does, let me know!), I’ve seen a lot of posts with people either just using them  when extremely necessary, such as long flights or festivals and that’s about it. I’ve also read that cleansing / face wipes are sometimes quite harsh on the skin, can make your skin  dry,  and that they’re quite ewww when it comes to bacteria etc because of how they are stored and things.

My thoughts are that cleansing / face wipes are awesome!  Maybe I’m just lazy  and like the convenience?! But, its just a quick and easy way to get crap off your face 🙂 Yes some do dry out my skin  but at the same time some make my face feel so soft and that good type of tingly.

I have 6 different types of cleansing wipes, I tend to vary which ones I use… It’s basically a face wipe pic’a’mix! I’m not sure if your meant to switch between all the time, but so far (touch wood) my skin is fine so far 🙂


NSPA Pink Grapefruit & Raspberry Face Wipes – £1 (Asda)

  • Facial wipes with  antioxidants
  • Oil & Alcohol free
  • Removes waterproof makeup
  • Suitable for sensitive skin

Oh.My.Gosh these smell so so good! They are quite papery thin and are really soaked through. I’ve only used these  twice as my skin felt really weird after (kind of like if  you sit in the bath for too long and get prune fingers). Also, you do have to scrub quite a bit to get your makeup off.

Simple Micellar Face Wipes – £2.65 (Superdrug)

  • Made with micellar water for a thorough yet gentle cleanse
  • Skin left feeling clean, fresh and hydrated without irritation
  • Perfect for even sensitive skin

I’ve not long bought these ones, but so far these seem to be the ones im reaching for whenever it comes to taking off my makeup!  They don’t have any scent and are great at removing makeup with minimal effort. These also make my skin feel really refreshed!

Garnier Pure Active 2 in 1 Wipes – £3.26 (Boots)

  • Remove makeup and purify skin
  • Combination to oily skin
  • Enriched with salicylic acid and minerals

First of all, i have no idea what salicylic acid is?!  These have no scent and the wipes are a thicker material, so feel a lot ‘smoother’ when using them. They make my  skin feel really good after using them, kind of a ‘just splashed water on my face’ type of feeling 🙂

Nivea Daily Essentials 3-in-1 Gentle Facial Cleansing Wipes – £3.15 (Boots)

  • For Dry Skin
  • Enriched with  natural  almond oil  and Hydra 10
  • Removes waterproof mascara
  • Leaves skin feeling hydrated

These have a slight scent, not unpleasant but perfumeyish :/ I brought these as they are specifically for dry skin (my t-zone seems to always be dry) and so far so good.. Again they’re a thicker material and take minimal effort to take off makeup. I will probably pick up another pack of these when these have ran out.

Pro Formula Fresh Skin Cleansing Wipes – £1.50 (Tesco)

  • Grapefruit & Cranberry
  • Cleanse and refresh skin
  • Helps tighten  pores while removing dead skin cells and awakening skin
  • For all skin types

Another really good smelling face wipe! I’ve been using these quite often as well, for the price and the ‘Tesco’ brand they are really good..  Really smooth on the skin and after using you get that great refreshed tingly feeling!

Simple Kind to Skin Cleansing Facial Wipes – £3.25 (Boots)

  • Pro-Vitamin B5 actively restores, softens and smooths
  • NO alcohol, No oil,  Non-drying & Non-greasy
  • NO perfume, No colour
  • Dermatologically tested  and approved
  • Perfect for sensitive skin

The wipes are quite a bit rough and do dry out my skin a bit (which is probably the reason i haven’t used them recently). I just don’t really agree with these ones 😦

Do you use cleansing  / face wipes? Or are they really a thing of the past just used for necessity?  I would love to hear your thoughts 🙂








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