24 Facts about me!


Hii! It was my birthday yesterday!!! (Twitter balloons were amazing… yes i am easily pleased).  And i turned 24… so here are 24 facts about meee 🙂

  1. I’m a mummy of three!! I have two boys (nearly 8 & nearly 9) and a little girl who’s 2.
  2. I have a slight addiction to  energy drinks.
  3. Whenever I open a door & walk into a room I kind of step down from an invisible step.
  4. I always touch metal door handles with my elbow before opening them.
  5. I left school when I was 14.
  6. I really want to be a forensic psychologist.
  7. Or an estate agent!
  8. My favourite sweets are the pink & blue spotty ones you get in licorice allsorts.
  9. I have been with my boyfriend for 10 years in may 💕
  10. I make up weird words that aren’t actual words but I’ve always thought were (such as.. Anywho).
  11. I’m a administrator (woo!).
  12. I probably own enough stationery to open my own etsy store (i honestly can’t help buying more).
  13. I love packet savory rice, but hate the vegetables in it, so I’ll sit & pick them all out before I cook  it.
  14. I have never been abroad (except once with school on a day trip to  France).
  15. I am a massive procrastinator, especially when it comes to organising.
  16. I read waay to much… Any free time I have you can find me reading blogs or a good book!
  17. I’ve not always loved reading .. When I had my 1st son, my boyfriend bought me a book to read whilst in hospital & ever since then I’ve just loved to read … I have to many books though as I can never part with them.
  18. I’m currently watching spongebob instead of trying to think about facts 🙂
  19. I have a really bad memory! (Most of the time) if I don’t write it down, I won’t remember!
  20. I have 1 sister (who is amazing).. My family is really small 🙂
  21. I get bored really easily and can’t do one thing for more than half an hour without a break.
  22. I smoke (tut tut) I know its  bad! And I will quit soon (I promise).
  23. I have no creative side at all and really really wish I did!
  24. I’ll be 25 next year !! Haha!

And there you have it… Thank God I’m not 50 as it was really hard to try and think of all these … I hoped you liked getting to know me a bit more?! 



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