Birthday lush haul!

Hii! Yup, it’s another Lush haul 🙂 The only thing different is that these were all the lush stuff that I got for my birthday! I always get excited when someone else buys me something from lush, so…

These 4 were from my lovely boyfriend and children  🙂

I got the Ladybird bubble bar which oh. my. gosh smells amazing.. its slightly fruity but the more main scent is peppermint! (I literally just want to smell it all day).

The unicorn horn bubble bar.. I’ve been wanting one of these since lush hinted at it earlier in the year and it looks soo cute! Thing is, I didn’t realise it was lavender and I hate the smell of lavender 😦 I will still use it as its amazingly cute, just probably on the day I have a stuffy nose and cant hardly smell anything.

Yummy mummy shower gel First of all how cute is the purple?! Its quite shimmery as well. I cant really describe the scent, but it smells amazing!

Think pink bath bomb it looks so pretty! One of the flowers were missing though 😦 But nevermind… it smells sooo good and quite vanillery.

 These five were from my lovely mum 🙂

The comforter bubble bar … This is one of my favourites, it smells so so good! Its like a sweet blackcurrent smell and the bar itself is huge, so should last me a few baths.

Dragons egg bath bomb .. Another favourite.. this one is more of a citrus scent, kind of like sherbet. It also has popping candy inside (though I still don’t get why?!)

King of skin body butter .. I’ve never actually used the body butter from lush before, its always been one of the things I’m meant to pick up (but then I get distracted by all the other pretty things). It smells really good, and it has a mixture of bananas, avocados and oatmilk. Im really looking forward to using this, as I do get dry skin quite often, especially with it being cold still.

Honey I washed my hair (Shampoo bar) .. I’m excited to try this one, I’ve always been slightly suspicious of shampoo bars as I’ve always thought that I wouldn’t be able to get enough lather from it. But I am optimistic, plus it smells like toffee… and who wouldn’t want toffee smelling hair??!

Creamy candy bubble bar I really do prefer the sweeter smelling lush products, and this is another favourite of mine just for that reason! It has a candy floss scent and also has the little chunks of body butter inside, which makes your skin so soft 🙂


Have you tried any of these? Whats your favourite?    Also, any products that you love that you think I should try?



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