Monthly goals

March goals!

Hii! First of all, Oh my gosh.. i cant believe its March already! I swear it was only January the other day… This year is flying by waay too fast for my liking.

I haven’t done a post in  a while,  mainly due to personal reasons (blog post one day maybe?) and i haven’t had any spare time or energy 😦  but i promise that will change!



  •  No schedule, regular content … I evidently am  not good at sticking to schedules, so this month i’m going to just write a list (of a reasonable size) of content that i want to post this month.. with no date or deadline set.. and post when i can/want!
  • Giveaway… i know, i know,  this was last months goal! but i am  poor 😦 i’ve set  a little pot aside to top up whenever i can and at the end of the month i will be doing an easter themed giveaway!
  • Engage… Twitter chats and commenting on other blogs!  On two occasions i had a huge session of sitting down,  reading and commenting on other peoples blogs, and it was  majorly relaxing and actually  made me forget about all my problems.. So i think,  once a week i’ll ask for links so i can read and comment and then  the next day i’m thinking of doing a post about the posts i commented on <– that made sense right??
  • Bullet Journal.. Oh my have you seen these?? The ones i’ve seen  look amazing and people are raving about how good they are and how much more organised they are from  using one.. So i’m  hoping to create one specifically for the blog , to help keep all my ideas and posts etc in… and hopefully make me a bit  more organised.



  • Chill the f**k out… I’ve  been   very stressed and run down and  i have no tears left… So i want to focus on  me and just try and have a calm as possible month, no stress and headches.
  • Get back into reading… It’s took  me two months to finish my  most recent book and usually i get through books relatively quicker… I don’t know why i haven’t been that into reading,  but i really want to get back into just chilling out and having some me time with a good book and hot chocolate 🙂


Want to find out if i achieved any of last months  goals?..

Blog goals… Not quite :/ I’ve been  so unorganized this past month,  I’ve not created a schedule or  made a work space.     I’ve  been promoting a lot more,  not hugely as i’m still at the stage of thinking, ‘oh crap,  i’m being annoying’   ,   but i am definitely getting  better with it. I have a camera!!! One of my goals last month was to take better photos and my mum and dad was lovely enough to get me a camera for my birthday and i absolutely love it (though i’m still figuring out how to use it haha). So expect better photos! I do need to collect together a few props,  but who doesn’t love a trip to Ikea eh?!          I also didn’t start the free advertising or the giveaway.. With the advertising,  i don’t think i get enough views and things for it to be beneficial for anyone, i know it would be free , but still,  i don’t think at the moment its something i should do, though as i’m planning on  posting more often and (fingers crossed) better content, i’m hoping this will be an  ‘in the near future’ sort of thing. As for the giveaway… I’m  pooor,  i am  terrible with money and as soon  as i get any, its gone on  either bills or the kids… But i really promise that i’m going to put some money aside and do one at the end of March (Easter theme maybe?!).

Life goals…  Ok,  so i aimed very high with my life goals,  and we all know that the goals i set will take longer than a month! With the confidence thing though, i will be honest in that  blogging has helped majorly..   I’ve  been  trying to talk to other bloggers and ‘get  myself out there’ in a way and compared to the other month, i can say i’m  doing quite  good 🙂

Do you have any goals for this month?? 



14 thoughts on “March goals!

  1. Getting a bullet journal is definitely one of my goals for this month! They look so pretty and easy to use 😊

    Liked by 1 person

    1. So far so good (i think haha) I love having a few things to try and accomplish and a month is usually an alright timeframe
      I still haven’t started my bullet journal (oops)… but I ordered one and a few cute pens etc, so as soon as they come i’ll be straight on it 🙂 It seems like such a great concept and I’m already finding a load of inspo from pinterest and blogs.
      Kirsty x


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