MUA skin define matte perfect foundation

Hiii! My laptop is deciding that it doesn’t want to play nice, so I’ve been fighting with it all week and slowly but surely i am able to start writing posts 😀 

So… I think I’ve found the one for me!! This foundation is bloody amazing!

About a month or so ago, i received a sample of the matte perfect foundation   (it was a tube the length of my pinky, but it lasted for 7 days!!) and i fell in love straight away.. I cant exactly remember the length of time i had to wait between the sample running out and the product being released,  but it felt like a heck of a long time!
  I love my skin to look matte.. not really that into the shiny look (for me personally) and it is usually hard to find a budget foundation that works well and actually lasts. I wouldn’t say it gives a ‘matte’ finish that you would expect, it does have a slight shine, but I’ve found that if i just go over with a loose powder the end result looks really good! The texture is quite creamy but not sticky, and i managed to get a great coverage without actually using a lot (two little pumps) and the best thing is  (providing i don’t touch my face constantly) that it lasts all day! 

You get a choice out of 6 different shades (Ivory, Ivory flush, Natural ivory, Natural beige,  Beige and Deep fawn), I got the shade Ivory as with the sample i had the ivory flush and it was a tad darker than my skin.. but this looks really natural and blends in really well.

It also contains Vitamins A, E and jojoba (I’m gonna have to google what these are  because i have no clue what they do, but sounds fancy eh?!)

And last but not least…. It only cost £4!!! 

So if your looking for a new foundation, i would definitely recommend this one!

You can find it here!

Have you tried MUAs Skin define matte perfect foundation?? What are your thoughts?




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