Blog posts I loved this week #1

Hii! I haven’t been around for a while, I will explain in time, but it’s been a rough couple of weeks and my mind has been all over the place. But here I am, with a new weekly series featuring all (well a few) of the blog posts I’ve loved the past week!

I love reading blogs, so I just wanted to start something to show that I do actually read them and also just kind of a shout out at the same time because all blogs, big or small, take a lot of time and effort and it’s just nice to show that everyone’s hard work’s appreciated!

So I will be posting a round up every week (on a Sunday) of the posts, who they’re by, links and Twitter handles! 

If your looking for some ways to spread some kindness, Jenny’s post 25 Tiny acts of kindness!  might give you some ideas.    I loved this post as it has given me some great ideas that might seem small, but at the same time might make someone else’s day!  Jenny in neverland  @jennymarston_xo 

I’ve been looking for a while for ways to get better sleep and then came across Sophie’s post Improve your sleep. There’s some great tips and also a few products such as the dr Stuart’s tea that I’m  going to give a try! Soph’s Choices @SophsChoices

Its not unknown that I’m not the richest person (I’m pretty much broke) but I found Tors post on 10 ways to make and save money which I have took note on and hopefully I can stick to a few and save me some money! That’s peachy @tornumber9

I am not the greatest photographer so I love finding tips and tricks, so I was happy to come across daisy’s 10 blog photography hacks for beginners post! Somr great ideas that I’m going to use when I’m next taking blog photos. Wear daisy went @daisymgreen

Sams post Barry M Coconut infusion polishes.. I saw these advertised the other day and Sam’s post and especially the pictures made me want them even more (yes! I’ve gone and ordered some!) Samantha’s beauty loves @samsbeautyloves

Who doesn’t love a good bath treat?! I may have possibly found a lush alternative when I came across Hannah’s post Affordable bath treats! And oh my they look so adorable! I will definitely be giving these a go! Hannah  Hawes @Hannah24310

i nearly died when I saw 7 tips on how to make perfect candy kabobs! They look so cute and so yummy.. Ill be making these soon! Oh happy day @ohhappyday

I love a good book and I’ve been looking for a new read for a while, so I was happy when I came across Sophie’s review of the square root of summer. I’ve seen the book around but wasn’t too sure, so think I might now give it a go 🙂 Sophie Kean @sophkean

I wanted to add so so many more, everyone’s posts are amazing! I hope you like the ones I’ve mentioned (if not, I love them, so tough luck)!

im really looking forward to sharing all the posts love every week! Have you read any posts that you’ve loved this week? Let me know 🙂



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