Blog posts I loved this week #2

Hii! This past week has flown past, I’ve no idea where the time has gone! But it’s Sunday again and that means its time for my second Blog posts I’ve loved this week post 😀 

  • Once again i have found an amazingly helpful blog photography post, Blog photography 101 by the lovely Saria! I’ve said plenty of times before i need all the help i can get when it comes to photography, and Saria’s post has everything for beginners to advanced and also how to shoot amazing flat lays.

          [Through the glitter glass]   [@Saira1816]

          [Dorkface]    [@dorkfaceblog]

  • I found the cutest embellished mini over on Lauren‘s blog.. I think it suits her so much better than it would me, but i have fell in love with it! Lauren always looks so on point in her posts and has bought some amazing pieces that I’m always after.

           [Minnie Mouse Chic]   [@mousefashion95]

  • My daily happiness journal by steph has convinced me to start my own (providing i find a cute little notebook, though that shouldn’t be too hard). It sounds like a great idea and she has given a few ideas for happy thoughts to write down 🙂

          [Hello Steph]   [@HelloStephBlog]

  • I am madly in love with anything unicorn, so was so excited when i came across the Unicorn socks on Vicky‘s blog. They are majorly cute!

          [vvnightingale]   [@vvnightingale]

  • If you’re looking for something yummy to bake (i always am) head over to Pam‘s blog as she has a delicious Pecan & brown butter frosting cookies post! These look so yummy and I’m looking forward to baking them soon!

           [Glasgow food Geek]   [@Glasgowfoodgeek]

  • If you’re like me and keep buying new makeup products and have nowhere to store them, then check out Hannah‘s post ‘A place for everything’ storage. I was so glad to come across this because my makeup is just stored in random jars and boxes with no actual home.

[Lipstick luck]   [@Hannahkimberley]

  • Come summer time.. you can find me always in trousers or leggings… because my legs are so pale in comparison to the rest of my body. Thanks to Keeley and her Review of Bondi Sands Self Tanning Foam, i think this summer i will be able to leave the house in a skirt/dress/shorts 🙂

[Kly Talks]   [@klychvrs]

Again, i really hope you love all the mentioned posts as i found some really helpful ones this week.. I have a major addiction to reading blogs and i’m actually quite glad i’ve managed to find a way to show this.



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