The treat kitchen 

Hii! So, last weekend i finally managed to visit The Sweet Kitchen! Much to my delight i stumbled across it and as i have a major sweet tooth i obviously had to wander in.

If you haven’t heard of the treat kitchen, it is a sweet/chocolate heaven. They have an amazing ray of sweets, chocolate and even fudge so cutely packaged. They also do amazing gifts and hampers, either already made or you can make your own up out of all the chocolate or sweets you like. I tried to get ‘one of each’ package type thing but i ate the fudge before i managed to take any photos (it was just that yummy).


Unfortunately i was unable to take pictures of the actual shop because i didn’t have my camera and my phone was dead (i have the worst luck ever), but if you do want to wander down, i would say definitely do… The shop is just so quaint, bright and lovely and it was actually relaxing to walk around (i really will take some pictures next time).

Also, whilst in store i found out that they are now online!!!! You can find them over at (So, guess who’ll me ordering some more treats soon).

Milk bottle Jars: These are so adorable! I havent actually ate these yet just for the fact that the jar is so cute and looks even more so because of the Jelly beans. The treat kitchen do these milk bottle jars for all the sweets (you should see them lined up in the store), so i have no clue what the Jelly beans actually taste like, but to be honest (for me) the taste is irrelevant as i might just keep them in there forever! These are Strawberry Smoothie flavour and cost £4.95 ! All the jelly beans Gelatin free, Gluten free and GMO free and are also 100% naturally flavoured.

Pouches: I love these cute little pouches! They hold 100 – 220g depending upon what sweets you choose. I chose the fizzy bubblegum bottles (i just love the colour of these sweets) which cost £2.50 for a 220g pouch.

Chocolate delights: There’s such an amazing array of chocolates, truffles and fudge that it took all my will power not to buy one of everything and also a long time to choose just which one i should get. I ended up choosing the Almond Praline delights as i adore this type of chocolate. These cost £2.95 for 6, which i think is a really good price as these taste devine.

Chocolate pizza: Who doesn’t love pizza?! And what makes it so much better? Being made of chocolate of course 😀 The treat kitchen does from full sized boxed pizzas to individual slices…. It was hard to resist buying the full pizza, but i managed and chose a slice of the Heavenly Honeycomb (and heavenly it is!). The individual slice cost £2.25 but if you want to buy a whole pizza (which i will be doing very soon) they only cost between £4.45 and £18.95 depending on the size which i think is really good.

Have you ever been to the treat kitchen? What tasty treats did you choose? If you haven’t, they are now online, so go and check them out!




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