Blog posts I loved this week #3

Hii! Another week has flown by, but not without another share of my favourite posts of the week!

I stress about anything and everything, especially when it comes to blogging, this week I came across Georgie‘s post ‘How to be an organised, stress free blogger‘ which I hope will help me out a bit.

Anxiety is a huge part of my life and its a battle I always face alone, Beth‘s post ‘Dear anxiety | I’m exhausted‘ was felt deep, her letter to anxiety is exactly how I feel, and though anxiety is terriblein, in a way I’m glad I’m not alone and I’m hopeful that myself and others will overcome it very soon.

Chloe recently posted a ‘book shelf tour‘ and I’ve fell in love, its just so organised and cute… its also made me very motivated to sort my own bookshelf out.

I am nearly always stuck with ideas for blog posts (inspiration will come to me one day) so I was glad I stumbled upon Jordan‘s post ‘Blog post ideas for when you’re in a slump‘ some great ideas if your stuck on what to write.

I’m always wanting to eat and be healthier, but I have no willpower whatsoever, luckily I found ‘Tips for eating healthier & sticking to it‘ over on Daisy‘s blog.. maybe this will be the time that I stick to healthy eating?!

Talking of eating.. who can resist a good smoothie?! I found a delicious looking recipe on Jennie‘s blog ‘spring Sunday smoothie: strawberry lemonade‘ it sounds and looks so yummy and I can’t wait to try it out.

I suffer really badly with self confidence (I have zilch) so I’m always looking for tips and came across Ellie‘s post ‘5 ways to boost your self confidence‘ I’m hoping some of these tips will help a bit.

Everyone knows Im poor, so therefore on a budget.. I love gallery walls, though I’ve always thought it would be an expensive venture… until Caitlin came along with her ‘How to make a beautiful gallery wall on a budget‘ post… my dreams of having my own may come true.

Once again I had a list of posts I loved longer than my arm!

Do you have any favourite posts from the past week?

Kirsty x


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