Blog posts i loved this week #4

Hii! Here i am again with another post of posts i loved this past week 🙂 I’m not too sure about the title, it just seems really long and not too catchy. I have no creative bones in my body, i will think of a new title someday (i hope), though if you have any suggestions at all that would help immensely.

I’m always on the look out for new nail polishes and came across the ‘Maybelline colour show Jelly tints‘ over on Sarah‘s blog. They look really strange but cool at the same time and i cant wait to get my hands on some.

As you already know, my photography isn’t the best and i love finding tips to help me along.. I came across Lisa‘s post ‘Flat lay photography tips | When using your iphone‘ although i do have a ‘proper’ camera now, i still like using my iphone every now and again.. and who doesn’t love a good flat lay eh?!

My head is always ‘in the clouds’ and i do loose focus quite a lot, hopefully this will change (slightly anyway) after reading Rebecca‘s post ‘Getting stuff done when you’ve got serious brain fog‘.

Looking for a new recipe? Head over to Jaclyn‘s blog, i found a recipe for ‘Cumin rubbed grilled chicken with chimichurri sauce‘ that looks so so good, i cannot wait to try it out!

I may not need one now, but i made sure to bookmark Rosie‘s post ‘Media kits made easy‘. I had a good read through and she has made it so simple that even i actually get it! So if your about to or thinking about making your media kit, head over her way.

Over the past few weeks i’ve really been getting into doing my makeup more and trying new looks, so i love reading / watching makeup tutorials. Over on Emily‘s blog i found her post ‘Daytime eyes | Urban decay naked smoky palette‘ i am in love with the look, plus i need to get my hands on that palette!

Emmie is sharing the love over on her blog with ‘Blogs i’m loving #2‘.. I love reading what blogs and posts others like as i always find a helpful post or a new blogger that i may not have come accross before.

I love reading tags etc so i can find out more about people (i’m nosey, sorry), if you do too, you can find out more about the lovely Grace in her ‘leibster award‘ post 🙂

Have you had any favourite posts you’ve loved this week? Let me know as i’m always on the lookout.



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