Kylie vs MUA


Hii! So a little while ago now I finally got a Kylie lip kit (another one is coming soon). I am in love. What I’m also in love with is the MUA lip lacquer. So I decided to do a vs and let you know what I love about these two.


First I will mention price, because that is the main difference between these two.. The Kylie LipKit is $29 (which is about £20) and the MUA lacquer cost £3. So there’s quite a big difference between the two.

Kylie LipKit:

With the Kylie lipkit I decided to go with the shade Koko K, which is described as a ‘pale, pinky nude’ as I love a good nude lipstick I thought this one would be perfect, however, when I tried it on it wasn’t as nude as I thought it would be and it seemed to be more purple than pink.. It might just be my skin tone or something, I dunno, but it looked majorly different once put on. I do really love the colour, it’s just not what I thought it would look like.

The application of the Koko K is really smooth and my gosh it actually smells nice, the lip pencil you get with it is really creamy (I actually used just the pencil for my whole lips and it looked quite good), you only have to go over your lips with it once and it gives out a good even finish. This one didn’t take too long to ‘dry out’ and to start with it didn’t make my lips feel dry. Going along in the day, it started to dry out more (I had the funny ‘can’t move my lips’ feeling for a while) but I had to say it did last for a good while.

(You can find Koko K here)


  MUA Luxe Velvet Lip Lacquer:

I chose the shade Harmony, again another nude colour (what can I say, I love a good nude). I was a bit dubious as I had never ordered from MUA before and I didn’t really think the lip lacquer would be that good because of the price.. But I was wrong! Firstly, let me just mention the smell (yes, smells again) It. Smells. Like. Heaven. It has a slightly vanillary scent to it which I love, but to add to that, the smell lasts for as long as the lipstick does!
Ok, so application was as you’d normally except, not as smooth as the kylie kit, I did have to put two coats on to properly bring out the colour (well, not colour as such) but the colour matches the shade that was on the picture, unlike the kylie, so this was a plus. This one ‘dried out’ quite quickly also, and again didn’t dry out my lips, until it had been on for a while (not sure whether it’s just my lips, any lipstick / gloss seems to dry my lips out). It lasted for a good few hours and didn’t budge when I was eating either.

(You can find Harmony here)

The winner:

MAU Lip Lacquer!

I love the kylie kits, but the MUA lacquers are so much cheaper (so I can buy more right?!) and it does exactly the same job as the kylie kit… Plus it smells so god damn good!

Have you tried either the Kylie LipKit or the MUA Lip Lacquer? Which shade did you go for?

If you haven’t used either, would you be tempted to buy one? Which would you choose?

Kirsty x


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