Blog posts i loved this week #5 Bullet Journal

Hii! If you didn’t already know, I received my Leuchtturm last week (which you can find here). I only had a vague idea of where to start, so of course i turned to blog posts (as well as instagram and pinterest) to try and help me figure out where to get started and what i should include.

This is going to be quite listy, I love all the posts I’m including and they have all come in so so handy as to helping me figure out where to get started and also most of the posts I can always come back to later on when I have it half figured out.

So, if like me you have a notebook ready and want to start bullet journaling, or even if you want to see what it’s all about.. Then check out the following posts:

Emily over at BambisBeautyBlogs did a super cute 2016 flip through of her bullet journal.

If your looking for colourful inspiration, head over to Jemma’s blog to see her ‘inside my journal’ post, I wish I was this creative as it’s soo cute.

Just starting out? Sarah over at SarahsChapter has done a ‘Starting a bullet journal’ post which has lots of ideas for starting out.

Hannah over at HannahEmilyLane has a whole section in her blog dedicated to bullet journaling, I loved flicking through these posts and found so much inspiration.

How to stay motivated with your bullet journal

Header Tutorials and inspiration

Updates of her own journal

50 bullet journal page ideas

Kara over at bohoberry has so many posts and videos about bullet journaling (#bulletjournalgoals right here), so much inspiration and tips for if your just starting out and don’t know where to begin.

The right way to start a bullet journal

Task migration in the bullet Journal

5 steps to craft a better to-do list

Future planning in the bullet journal

Top 12 bullet journal hacks

Plus updates of her own journal

These following ladies also have so many posts on bullet journals and they are all so amazing!

Jessica over at PrettyPrintsandPaper:

Advice for beginners

Bullet journal inspiration

5 ways to add self care to your bullet journal

How to use washi tape in your planner

Goal setting

Tracking Finances

Tracking habits

Kim over at TinyRayofSunshine

Free bullet journal reference guide

5 easy shortcuts for the bullet journal

Thorough guide to the bullet journal system

My number 1 tip for the bullet journal

Dee over at DecadeThirty

Bullet journal system

Planner and logbook pages


Stacie over at ParkerandMe

5 Reasons why i love using a bullet journal

50 bullet journal page ideas

Starting a bullet journal

Do you have a bullet journal? If not, would you start one?

I hope all these posts above help and inspire you as they have me.

Kirsty x


6 thoughts on “Blog posts i loved this week #5 Bullet Journal

    1. Happy birthday 😀
      I didnt want to wreck mine at first, so i thought, right, i need to find all the posts i can… i am so envious of all the bullet journals i see. I hope some of the posts have helped you with starting it 🙂 i need to start collecting more stickers etc. Kirsty x


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