Book review // The Bones of You

Hii!! It’s been such a long time since I last wrote a book review, I kinda fell out of love with reading for a little while, but I’ve started getting back into it, so here I am!

I have just finished reading ‘The Bones of you’ by Debbie Howells.

On the back:

I have a gardener’s inherent belief that in the natural order of things. Soft-petalled flowers that go to seed. The resolute passage of the seasons.

Children who don’t die before their parents.

A community in shock 

When eighteen-year-old Rosie Anderson disappears, life in the idyllic village where she grew up is never the same again.

A family torn apart

Rosie was beautiful, kind and gentle. She came from a loving family and had her whole life ahead of her. Who could possibly want to harm her? And why?

A keeper of secrets

Kate is a friend of the family, and she’s certain someone in the village knows more than they’re letting on. As the investigation deepens, so does Kate’s obsession with solving the mystery of what happened to Rosie.

My thoughts:

The story is told from two main points of view, Kate, who is trying to find out where Rosie is and what has happened, and Rosie, who’s point of view is coming from a ‘flashback of all of her life’.

The story starts with Kate getting a phone call to say that Rosie has gone missing. From my perspective, i think Kate seems to care more about Rosie than she should. I thought that perhaps i’d find out later on in the story that Kate was actually Rosie’s mum (that wasn’t the case though). I think Rosie was a mystery to her, she’d come round every so often and help out with the horses, but rarely spoke, she just seemed like a quiet, shy teenager.

After everyone finds out that Rosie is in fact dead, Kate befriends Jo (Rosie’s mum), who is perfect (on the outside) in every way, perhaps a bit too perfect, and so Kate starts trying to find out who would want to hurt Rosie.

Throughout the book, we delve deep into Rosie’s (and her family’s) past, which is chock full of secrets. You find out a lot about her parents (especially her mum), and also a few bits about her younger sister. I think this was a really good way to kind of jump into the past, whilst still seeing it from somebody’s true perspective. Whilst looking into her life, she sees things that were behind closed doors and that she might of not remembered as such with her being so young.

I really don’t want to give anything away that happens. Debbie’s writing style (to me) is really unique, the story just draws you in and you’re always second guessing yourself until the end, being suspicious of all the characters and trying to piece the puzzle together.

If you want to get back into reading or are just looking for a new book that will have you hooked.. Go and pick this one up!

Debbie Howells has a new book coming soon called ‘The beauty of the end’ which from the small extract i’ve read looks very promising.

Have you read ‘the bones of you’? What did you think of it?

Kirsty x


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