Coconut-lane mini haul

Hii! So last week i finally became a coconut queen! It seems like everyone is becoming one, but all i can say is ‘why the hell not?!’


If you’ve not visited coconut-lane’s site then go and do it now!! Coconut-lane is an online boutique selling the coolest accessories, homeware and stationery. If i was rich then i would have everything on the site, it’s all just so cute and cool.

Unfortunately i’m still poor, but i managed to get a few bits (minus the emoji stickers i had my eye on as they were sold out *insert sad face emoji).

I’ve also got a code for you all to use to get 20% off your orders!! (I’ll add it at the bottom)



The sass quote collection notebooks

I had my eye on these A5 notebooks for a while as i’m just in love with the quotes!  The cost £14 for the whole set. But you can also buy them individually for £6.

Flamingo socks

My mission is to buy all of the pairs of socks that coconut-lane sells! They’re all so quirky and only £4.50 each.  I mean how cute are these flamingo socks?! I just had a look on the site and noticed there’s some new doughnut ones that are making me hungry (*Takes break from blogging to go and buy the doughnut socks)

Unicorn & Sparkles card


I just love this quote (and unicorns) so although it’s a greetings card, i just bought it so i can pin it up on my wall. They have so many great cards to choose from and they’re only £2.70.

Unicorn necklace

Oh. My. Gosh. I think the Jewelry range that coconut-lane have is just stunning. From statement necklaces to dainty chains and rings. Another goal of mine is to just buy all the jewelry from there. For now though i chose this cute dainty unicorn necklace in silver. This was only £9 and you can choose either silver or gold.

And that is everything (for now!), no doubt i will be back with another coconut-lane haul very soon (hopefully with some emoji stickers!) I genuinely love everything on their site.. also i need to upgrade my phone so i can buy one of their stunning phone cases (they sell selfie cases now!!).

Anywho, i said earlier that i have a code!!!


  Just add this code at checkout to get 20% off (more of a reason to buy more right?!)

Are you a coconut queen? Have you purchased from coconut-lane before? If so let me know, i love seeing & hearing about it.

Kirsty x


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