Monthly goals

Monthly goals: July

Hii! Its the first of July, so that means it’s time for another monthly goals post 🙂 I really enjoy writing these posts mainly because if it’s published i kind of feel like i have to complete the goals and it gives me a lot more motivation.

Did i achieve any of the goals set in June:

Blog goals: Ok, i may have failed slightly, but i’m going in the right direction. I’ve made a really rough schedule and i haven’t done too bad, but as per my usual excuse, life. I’ve updated my blog look slightly, but i’m looking into buying a new layout, header and button in the very near future. With the commenting on every blog post i read, that was a tad harder, but i have commented on a lot more posts than i usually do and hope to keep this up.

Personal goals: Half and half with personal goals. I’ve started using my bullet journal but i think because it wasn’t as ‘pretty’ as all the ones i was seeing on pinterest i just kind of forgot about it, which is quite sad as i was really enthusiastic about it to start with. I’ve done really good so far with the whole reading a chapter of a book before bed thing, it’s just so relaxing to lie down and get lost in a book, even if it’s just for a few minutes. I haven’t quit smoking yet, but i’m on the right track as i have cut down a heck of a lot. And lastly, getting healthier, i started juice plus about a week ago, as someone that i went to school with is a rep person and she has done so amazingly good through it, so far i have so much energy and i’ve lost around 4-6lbs (and that’s with sneaking in a chinese and chippy).

Blog goals:

  • Schedule, Schedule, Schedule I have just spent a substantial amount over on Paperchase, so this will hopefully get me into gear in regards to scheduling and organising. I am so determined to stick to this this time. I have a lot more time on my hands, it’s just getting motivated and organised.
  • Blog loving (No not Bloglovin’) I think i set the bar to high with commenting on every single post i read (i read quite a few every day), so i think this month i’ll carry on with the weekly ‘blog posts i loved this week’ posts and try and comment/like as many pots as i actually can.
  • Promote I am really bad when it comes to self promotion. I just end up thinking that it will somehow bug other people. But this month i am going to promote the s**t outta my blog (sorry), also i am looking to hopefully get a button designed and see if any other blogs have any advertising spaces.


Personal goals:

  • Stop giving a f**k what other people think (to an extent) I seem to be living my life by the notion of what other people will think. For example i want to post a blog post about such and such that i’m really passionate about but i hit delete instead because no one has posted something like this and everyone might hate it and laugh. It’s a really horrible way to live and i know it will take time, but gotta start somewhere eh?!
  • Start saving I say this every single month and end up not saving anything at all. I opened up an ISA (think its an isa??? well savings thing anyway) and i have already been good and put some into it. So hopefully this will be a regular occurence and i’ll have a good bit saved away for the future 🙂
  • Get my life sorted If you read my ‘what happens when the bruises fade‘ post at the beginning of June you’ll know what i mean (I will be doing a kind of follow up post later on). I just need to get myself and my children in a new routine, move house and basically start fresh. This is a really huge goal, but if i can at least start it i know that one day i will get there.


Do you set yourself goals regularly? If so, how are you getting on? Also, if you have a goals post, let me know as i love reading them.

Kirsty x

P.s You can find last months goals > here <


2 thoughts on “Monthly goals: July

  1. Good luck with your goals. I did so rubbish with my June goals, I’m hoping for better luck with my July ones. If you are looking for ad spaces (a cheeky little plug coming up, sorry!) I have a couple of £2 and £3 and £5 slots available on mine for July. Take a peek at my advertising page if you’re interested and tweet/email me if you’d like one 🙂 xxx

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you 🙂 aww, exactly the same here so good luck with your July ones as well 🙂
      Oo, thank you, I’ll definitely be in touch once I’ve got my button etc sorted 🙂
      Kirsty x


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