Subscription Boxes


Hii! So the other day i was super excited when my first TreatBox came through the letter box! I’d totally forgotten that i’d subscribed to it, so it was definitely a great surprise.

This months box had a Tropical theme and it was also TreatBox’s 1st Birthday so i  received a cute little party bag as well.

My eyes were drawn to this ‘and so the adventure begins darling’ makeup bag!  It’s a canvas pouch designed by TreatBox and it’s actually quite a decent size and i cant wait to use it. 

I’ve been eyeing up these ‘Wish upon a string‘ bracelets for so so long and never knew which one to choose so i was super excited to see one included in the box. The concept is that you tie it on your wrist and when it snaps your wish exists. They’re all so adorable and i’ve already been looking at which one i might get next.

You are one in a Melon‘ (badge or magnet) I have no clue which it is because i just want to keep it in the wrapper so it looks nice haha.

Oh the places you’ll go‘ A4 print and ‘Be a flamingo in a flock of pigeons‘ A5ish print. I really love prints at the minute and I’m on the lookout for some frames so that i can hang these up 🙂

‘You are braver than you know’ Gold arrow heart plaque. This is from the wonderful place that is sass and belle, and this specific quote couldn’t have come at a more perfect time. I’ve hung it up already so i can see it every day.

Pina Colada wax melt‘ by Simple Candle Co. I could smell it as i opened the box and it just smells gorgeous! It is quite a good size, I’ve used a quarter split between two burners and both the amount and the smell has lasted well over 8 hours! Also, heading over to their site i found out that they also do ‘Melts monthly’ where you get 8 different wax melts every month (I need to go and sign up asap). Also how adorable is this ‘Hooray!’ flag?!

Then to top it off, it is TreatBox’s 1st Birthday! (Happy birthday) so included was an adorable little party bag which including a pack of love hearts, bubbles and the cutest pouch of confetti!


I really cannot wait for next months box! I think TreatBox just makes a really good change from the usually beauty type boxes.

If you want to get your hands on July’s treat box you can purchase spare boxes >here<

If you want to start a TreatBox subscription you can do that >here< for £12 per month

Have you had a TreatBox before? What did you think?

Kirsty x


5 thoughts on “TreatBox

    1. I think this is definitely one of the first boxes where I’ve loved everything inside 🙂 also, you can buy previous spare boxes which is a big plus (I’ve already ordered last months) 🙂
      Kirsty x


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