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The melt crowd 

Hii! I think i’m becoming slightly addicted to all these subscription boxes, because here is another! I may have a slight obsession with wax melts at the minute, so last month I signed up for ‘The Melt Crowd‘ which is a wax melt monthly subscription for £10 and each month you get a selection of 8 wax melts (which are a really good size by the way).

When you first sign up you also get a burner 🙂 Mine was an orange one, bit of a random colour, but you know what?! It brightens my room up, so i’ve grown to love it!

You get a really good selection of different scents, which i’ve pictured below. I’ve also included Flamingo Candles’ descriptions on the ones i could find, because if i try and describe them all you’d get is ‘omg, that smells so good’ and that’s not really any help to anyone is it?!


Violet & Lime  Sweet and floral, Violet & Lime is a delightful mix of green leaf, fruit notes, violet, lily resting on a base note of sandalwood.    I’m not too sure what to think of this one, i totally get the whole sweet/floral thing, it kind of smells like a perfume that my nan wears (no clue what it’s called though).

Lavender & Chamomile  basically it smells like lavender & Chamomile.. I really hate lavender, so i may give this one away, but i can see it being a quite calming and soothing one for all the lavender lovers out there.


Independance day This one is more fruity and reminds me of  something (i’m thinking some type of sweet) but cannot for the life of me think of what.

Orange Pekoe Tea This one smells like orange tea (who would’ve guessed?!) It’s not a fruity orange, more of a subtle calming orange, though i think i would’ve preferred more of an orange sweet scent to it.



Cherry This one is definitely a favourite! It smells like cherry (no brainer) and is a really sweet scent. Half of me wishes this was the first one i started burning, but i kinda want to save it for a while.

Salted Caramel & Pistachio I’m not too sure whether i like this, it’s one where i quickly smell it and i’m like ‘oo i like this one’ but when i’m sat smelling it for a while i’m not too sure. I can definitely smell the salted caramel though.



Football Pitch If you love the smell of freshly cut grass, you really will love this one as that’s exactly what it smells like!

Mojito Cocktail Fresh and zesty, Mojito opens with citrus top notes of lime, lemon and grapefruit, leading to a peppermint heart, resting on a musky background.   This one smells sooo good. It kind of smells like the fruity rock you can get, but you definitely get the fresh smell of the mint and grapefruit.

I’ve already started burning the Mojito Cocktail (i have a thing for cocktail scents at the minute) and have used a quarter so far that has probably lasted around 6-8 hours. So you definitely get your moneys worth and they should all last until you get the next box (Unless your like me and are constantly burning them).

You can subscribe to The Melt Crowd >here<

Or if you don’t fancy the commitment or want something different to a wax melt, just head over to Flamingo Candles shop >here< as they sell so many different ranges and scents and they all look gorgeous!

Kirsty x




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