Make Life Vintage: Handmade Soy wax melts, Tarts & Candles

Hii! So the other week i stumbled across Make Life Vintage whilst just randomly browsing through etsy. Everything just instantly caught my eye, it is all just literally so cute, i could’ve bought one of each if my bank would allow me! Make Life Vintage do everything from wax melts and burners to cute little bath fizzes and soaps.

As i was stuck for choice i noticed that they do quite a few gift sets, so i thought i would treat myself to the Handmade Black Raspberry & Vanilla Wax Melts Pampering Gift Setwhich included a burner with 6 soy wax melts, 2 mini soaps and 6 chill pills (mini bath bombs).

How cute is this burner, i was really excited to welcome it into the lovely family of other burners i have dotted around. The soy wax melts are Black Raspberry & Vanilla flavoured scented (god knows why i keep saying flavoured) and oh my the smell aaaamazing! Also, how cute do they look??! They come in star, heart and rose shapes and i am super scared to actually watch them melt.


Next up is this adorable box of 6 chill pills, which are mini bath bombs/fizzers. These are black cherry scented (yes! i used the right word) and smell absolutely heavenly. I used one in my daughters bath the other day and just a single one really goes a long way and makes your bath smell delicious.


And lastly, these two cute little heart soaps. I’m not a huge soap fan, but these wild rose scented ones might possibly get used. Again, everything smells absolutely amazing, you’ll know by now that i can’t describe smells at all, so just trust me. Plus how cute are they packaged, if it wasn’t for my daughter opening them (because they’re pink) i would’ve probably of kept them in the wrapper 🙂



Also, i want to add that the delivery was super speedy, i think i received them within a day or two of ordering them (which in my eyes is a really great plus).

I’ve already got my eye on a few other things for Make Life Vintage, so keep your eyes peeled over on instagram as there will probably be a good few pics!

Have you heard of ‘Make life vintage’ before?? Let me know what you think 🙂

Kirsty x


4 thoughts on “Make Life Vintage: Handmade Soy wax melts, Tarts & Candles

  1. We have only just seen this review of our products. Thank you very much for taking the time to review them. We are glad you are happy with your purchases! Thank you very much 🙂 xxx

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  2. Absolutely adore make life vintage and there amazing products. I order from them every month and have never been disappointed. Fairy dust is one of my all time favourites but all the other scents are incredible too. I won’t order from anyone else now.. they have made a life long customer out of me. Currently burning Belgian chocolate and peppermint and my house smells lush. Can’t give them enough praise and would recommend to everyone.

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