Blog posts i loved this week #6 -Self love

Hii! So it’s been a bit over a month since i last did a ‘blog posts i loved this week’ post, and i thought seen as the bullet journal one was such a great hit i would do a different theme every week instead of just ‘random’ posts i’ve loved.

So this week i have seen a lot of self love posts, how to overcome a bad day and tips to grow your confidence. Here are my favourites 🙂


I get disappointed more than i probably should (that’s life though eh?!) but i came across Rosie’s post ‘How to stop feeling disappointed‘ where she gives some great tips to help overcome it.

Loving myself is definitely something i struggle with, but Eleanor’s ‘5 steps to loving yourself‘ was such a great post to read and i even wrote down the tips just to kind of remind myself.

Rhinna over at Robowecop did two amazing posts that stood out to me. The first being ‘Thoughts on body confidence‘ which by the way she looks absolutely amazing in and then a post titled ‘My f**k Budget’, which to be totally honest sounds quite rude, but the post is based on a book called ‘The life changing magic of not giving a f**k‘ (just ordered my copy) and basically it’s about learning to not give a fuck as much 🙂 which i really need to learn to do. The post is really worth a read and has definitely made me want to look into the book more.

I’ve never seen blogging as being able to make me into a better person, but after reading Rebecca’s post ‘11 ways blogging makes me a better person‘ I’ve kinda changed my mind. Blogging has definitely made me more confident and i’m learning news skills all the time. This post really made me feel a lot better after reading it.


This week i also found ‘9 tricks to help you combat a flat mood‘ over on Ellie’s blog. If I’m in a flat mood, i usually stay in that shitty mood for a good while, so i will be taking some of these tricks on board, such as just listening to music, because that really does help so much and i seem to forget it sometimes.

Self love is something that is hard to do (especially of you’re me), so i was really happy to come across Jemma’s post ‘10 steps to self love‘. Learning to say no and asking for help are the two i will probably always struggle with though, maybe one day eh?!

Everyone has a bad day (if you don’t, tell me your secrets), so Jenni’s post ‘How to get over a bad day‘ will really come in handy. She has some great but simple ideas that will help you relax and kinda forget about that shitty day.

And lastly some great ‘mood boosters‘ over on Jemma’s blog. From doing a good dead to just wearing your favourite outfit 🙂 (Also, i’ve not long come across Jemma’s blog, but it’s so good, so go and have a read).

I really loved doing a ‘themed’ one this week, let me know what sort of ones you’d like to see 🙂

Also, hope some of these posts will / have cheered you up or at least given you some ideas.

Kirsty x





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