Budget makeup brushes 

Hii! So, if you didn’t know already i’m super poor, but i use that to my advantage and half the time i end up finding some amazing bargains that i may not of otherwise found. Such as all these makeup brushes! I kid you not, altogether these totaled under £10!!!! I seriously am not kidding. They may not be up to some peoples standards, but to me all of them do the job amazingly well and may i add, are all super soft!  

7 piece professional makeup eyeliner eyeshadow cosmetic brushes tool kit set (pink)

Aren’t these just the cutest eyeshadow brushes?! I think i may have just fell in love because of the colour. (They’re sold in black as well). These were only £2.95 (for all of them!)

In the set you get… 2 x smudge brushes, 1 x brow brush and then 4 x eyeshadow brushes.

I’ve used all of them except from the eyeliner and eyebrow brushes. But so far so good, they aren’t the softest in the world, they actually reminded me of paint brushes. They blend eyeshadow really well though and i’ve been using them non stop for the past two or so weeks.

These brushes are all individual ones (unlike the above). I’ve had my eye on the way more expensive versions, but i thought i might as well get these and try them out. If they’re crap i didn’t really have much to loose.

SONGQEE(TM) Modish Makeup Large Fan Goat Hair Blush Face Powder Foundation Cosmetic Brush

This was only £1.99!!! Also, any doubt i had left the building when i saw the free delivery 🙂 This only arrived yesterday, so i have yet to try it out, but i will say that it is ever so super soft.

Tonsee® Pro Cosmetic Makeup Face Powder Blusher Toothbrush Curve Foundation Brush

As you would be, again, i was super skeptical as to what it would actually be like, so i only bought the individual one for £1.41!

I cannot describe how good this is! If you haven’t used this kind of brush before (like me) and if you just want to kind of test it out to see what it is like, i would definitely recommend this one. It is sooo bloody soft to start off with, and i was wondering how it would fare once i started using it for my foundation. But it blends it in so much better than my blender, it evens my skin out and just makes your foundation look absolutely flawless!

Also, i forgot to add, you get a cute little beauty sponge thing for FREE, and you can’t say no to that right?!

You can buy the whole set (10 pcs plus a stand) for £15.99!! < this is totally on my ‘to buy next’ list so keep those eyes peeled for a post because i know full well after using this one that i’ll want to be telling you all about them!

Tonsee 1 Pcs Professional Makeup Brush Flat Contour Face Cheeks Powder Cosmetic Tool Brusher

And last, but not least, this brush, which i have no idea what it is actually for (i’m going to have a look now) and also, i haven’t used this yet. (No, that’s a lie, i used it for my foundation once for some reason).

Anywho, this is for blending and contouring! Now that i know what it is for i’m kind of kicking myself, because duh! it has that small flat kinda look that should’ve been obvious.

This was only 89p!!! Seriously.. Now i just need to use it correctly and see how it fares (though i won’t lie, it actually did a good job with my foundation that time).

So if you’re looking for super cheap brushes that will totally do the job and more, head over to amazon, which is where i got all of these beauty’s 🙂

Have you got any budget brushes that you love?? Please let me know as i do love a good bargain 🙂

Kirsty x



4 thoughts on “Budget makeup brushes 

  1. I have been wanting to try and oval brush! I just cannot justify how expensive the nice ones are. I may have to pick this one up and try it out before committing to the pricier ones. That contour brush looks really interesting. I need to look up some reviews and see one of those in action! Great post!

    Ashlee Liz

    Liked by 1 person

    1. That was exactly my thoughts and i thought it can’t be much different so may as well try it out. I absolutely love it though and can’t wait to get the set.
      Glad you liked the post 🙂
      Let me know if you do get any of them!
      Kirsty x


  2. The pink brushes are so cute! I hate how some people can be sooo snobby when it comes to brushes, as long as they do the job they’re supposed to do then the price shouldn’t even matter! Definitely going to be searching Amazon for brushes once I get paid 😊
    Aisling |

    Liked by 1 person

    1. They’re amazing! I have a few expensive brushes that do exactly the same.. I think people just think in general that cheaper brushes are of less quality when it’s really not always the case!
      Amazon is amazing for budget brushes.. Let me know if you get any 🙂
      Kirsty x

      Liked by 1 person

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