Lazy skin care routine 

Hii! I’ve been wanting to post my skincare routine for a while now but after seeing so many great and varied skincare posts i wasn’t too sure if i should or not.

Obviously, i thought fuck it. My skincare routine was non-existent until not long ago, and it’s a very lazy routine which requires minimal effort (which is what i like) and my skin seems better than it used to be which is always a plus. Also, like all of my other posts everything is super cheap yet great, which is always a bonus.

Ooo, also i do this routine in the morning and night, everything the same, nothing added or taken away.


So, firstly i remove my makeup. I used to use wipes constantly (in fact i still do if i’m feeling more lazy than usual) but then saw all the hype about micellar water, so obviously i went and got some and have been hooked since. My two favourites are the ‘Garnier Cleanser Micellar water‘ and the ‘Simple Kind to Eyes eye makeup remover‘.

So in the morning i’ll just quickly go over my face with the micellar water and at night, i’ll use the simple makeup remover then the micellar water.

This is the latest addition to my skincare routine. The ‘Damask Rose Toner Water‘ from PrettyPaperPackages. I’ll be honest and say i have no clue what toner water is supposed to do, but i thought i’d give it a go. Basically you spritz it on some cotton wool and wipe over your face (i do the opposite and spray it on my face and then wipe it in), it does make my skin feel super fresh so i do like to use this every morning and night.

Lastly, Moisturiser! Again, until a few months ago i had never touched moisturiser, but it makes my skin soo soft. I started out with the ‘Simple Kind to Skin Light Moisturiser‘ which is a really good moisturiser, i tend to use this one in the morning just because it’s a lot lighter and makes my face feel more refreshed than nourished.

I know this isn’t specifically a ‘night time’ moisturiser but that’s when i seem to use the ‘Neutrogena oil free moisturiser‘. This is meant to be a lightweight moisturiser though it feels a lot ‘thicker/heavier’ than the simple one, but anyway, i just lather my face in it at night, and it seems to be doing the trick because my skin is a lot smoother and my complexion seems to be getting better.

I thought i’d throw in face masks at the end! I only tend to use face masks once a week or so. I love love sheet masks, just because they’re a lot less hassle than painting stuff on your face. Whip it out, stick it on, wait a while and take it off, super duper easy.

I still haven’t used the face masks in the picture mainly because they’re so so cute.

So, that’s my lazy skincare routine… Micellar water, toner & moisturiser! Easy peasy 🙂

Do you have a lazy skincare routine? Or do you have a more complex one?

Let me know, because i need all the help i can get.

Kirsty x

P.S.  I mentioned facewipes earlier… So if you fancy, go and check out my post ‘Cleansing wipes.. Yes, I’m using them!‘ to see some of my favourites!


8 thoughts on “Lazy skin care routine 

    1. I’ve just found out you can get the facemasks from asos and boots! I’m buying more just so i can use these ones haha. The Rose water toner is from Pretty paper packages, i’ve just done a post with a 10% off code as well 🙂
      Kirsty x


  1. I am all about the lazy skincare routine. I haven’t come across Pretty Paper Packages but I have just ordered a bunch of stuff from there after reading your blog 🙂 including a soy candle that I am not entirely sure I needed…

    Also Your blog is lovely 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Ah, i’ve just published a post about them with a 10% off code! Though if you buy from there again you’re more than welcome to use it 🙂
      There’s always a need for a new candle haha, if they’re anything like their wax melts you’ll love it!
      Also, Thank you 🙂
      Kirsty x


  2. My skincare routine’s really simple and I only use a few products but it works well for my skin. I often wonder if bloggers I see who use about 30 different things a day end up overloading their skin!
    I’ve got no idea what toner’s for either but The Body Shop Tea Tree one does a great job at whatever for me!

    Paris x

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I always wonder that as well, I’m sure tons and tons doesn’t do any good for your skin! Oo I’ll have to have a look at the body shop one, I’m gonna have to have a google of what it’s actually meant to do haha, whatever it is my skin always feels refreshed after anyway 💁🏻
      Kirsty x


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