Pretty paper packages + 10% off!

Hii! I seem to be on a roll with my posts recently! Anywho, not too long ago i came across Pretty Paper Packages over on twitter. They are an online shop that sells a big range of handmade items and all of them are packaged so beautifully, and i will probably keep on buying things just for that reason alone. They sell things from bath products, to home decor, home fragrances, accessories and stationery. Everything is ethically sourced, fair trade and handmade, which just adds to the cuteness of everything!

I tried to get at least one thing from every section, just so you can see the kind of range of things they do.

Also, Pretty Paper Packages were kind enough to give me a 10% off code for all you lovely people to use!  So, even more of a reason to go and treat yourself!


Smile, Dream, Love Slate heart hanger

After getting a similar slate hanger in my treat box last month, i’ve been on the hunt for some more just so i can hang them around the house! There are a few more on Pretty Paper Packages with different sayings on that i’ve got my eye on for next time, but this ones just so cute.


Eden Hand poured wax melts

If you didn’t know already i have a slight obsession with wax melts and candles at the minute. So i picked up two little pots of wax melts in the scents ‘Sherbet lemon‘ and ‘Apple orchard‘ These smell so good! You get a really good handful in each of the pots, and i always only tend to use one melt thing whenever i use my burner so i know they will last a good while!


Damask Rose Toner Water

If you read my ‘lazy skincare routine‘ that i posted the other day you would’ve already seen this little beauty. So it’s a toner for dry, sensitive or mature skin. You basically either spray on a cotton wool pad and wipe over your face, or i like to spritz over my face and then wipe it around. It’s handmade, approved by the vegetarian society and cruelty free international. It is also free from parabens, alcohol and artificial perfume.


Cocoa butter & Oatmeal Soap Bar

I’m not the biggest fan of soaps, but the range they have and also with everything being handmade i just had to pick one up.

My skin tends to be dry a lot of the time, so anything that’s moisturising tends to draw me in. Again, this is handmade and approved by the vegetarian society and cruelty free international. It’s suitable for all skin types, and is unscented and uncoloured which is great if you’re allergic to perfumes etc. I haven’t tried this out yet, but i will let you know what i think when i do.


Jasmine scented sachet

I haven’t seen these around in so long so i kind of forget they were around. I always used to pick up little ones in LaSenza (is that still around??) whenever i went.

Basically they’re little bags with scented ‘seeds’ in that you put in your wardrobe or drawers to keep everything smelling nice! These ones are only 99p and they last for so long as well.


Speech themed stickers and Vintage themed decorative tape

I seem to be collecting a whole load of stickers and washi tapes at the minute, so whenever i see any cute ones i just buy them straight away!

With the speech themed stickers i just liked the look of them, when i opened them i loved them even more! They’re kind of like thin cork board material and are so so cute. I have no clue what i’ll use them for but they’re just too cute.

Pretty paper packages has such a great range of washi tape that i had no clue of which to get first. I got the vintage theme mainly because it’s pretty and i didn’t actually have any like these, so thought they would be a great addition. Plus they were on sale for £1.49 so couldn’t really say no!

As i mentioned at the beginning, Pretty Paper Packages kindly gave me a 10% off code to share with you all! Just use the code ‘xoxokiki‘ on any order over £10.

Have you heard of Pretty Paper Packages before? Also, if you use the 10% let me know what you bought as i would love to know

Kirsty x



2 thoughts on “Pretty paper packages + 10% off!

  1. Damn it! I sent my order of yesterday after reading your skin care routine. Oh well, now I just have to buy more…

    I’d never heard of them previous to you post 🙂


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