Little Known Box: July

Hii! So the other month i signed up for a new beauty box called ‘Little Known Box‘ which is basically a beauty box that includes products from independent, niche and up and coming brands. I can remember seeing the first one over on ‘I love beauty boxes‘ and it had some really great things in and i loved the concept.

So, i did receive a box last month, but totally forgot to write about it, so as soon i got July’s box i took the photos straight away.

So in July’s Little Known Box you get:

Zerreau Apple Scented ‘towel off’ shampoo (Worth £3.99)

Firstly this smells so good! So the concept is kind of like dry shampoo, but with this foam you apply to the roots down and it ‘lifts’ the dirt/grease out of your hair, then once your hair is wet/soapy you roughly towel dry your hair and voila, clean hair. I’m actually quite excited to try this one out as i am a huge fan of dry shampoos, so with the different concept i want to see how it works. Also, you get a 30% off code!

Odylique Natural Black Mascara (Worth £17.50)

So this is a 100% organic 88% organic mineral mascara. It’s free from all the synthetic stuff that you find in other mascaras and helps naturally condition your eyelashes. It has Aloe Vera in (which you can smell in it actually) and it is also smudge resistant which is always a plus. I’ve been looking for a new mascara for a while so i’m looking forward to trying this one out.

Balance me radiance face mask (Worth £12)

Balance me are a british-made skincare company that that pack their products full of good things! The radiance face mask is meant to ‘remove impurities, brighten dull complextions and exfoliate dry skin’. It’s also ‘98% natural and is suitable for all skin types’. I haven’t smelt this yet, mainly because i couldn’t get the little foil thing off the top 😦 but it sounds really good.

Neroli & Patchouli with Jojoba oil body butter by SoapNskin (Worth £6)

All of SoapNskin’s products are handmade using natural ingredients. So the body butter i received is meant to nourish, protect and hydrate skin, soften and add glow, and helps prevent aging of the skin too. I tested some on the back of my hand (as you do) and it really did make my hand super soft. I just didn’t like the smell, i’m not sure if it was because i had a cold and my nose was messed up, but i wasn’t too keen on the scent.

HJ Manicure Nail Polish (Worth £9.50 each)

Ok, so these were the items i’m most excited about! I love nail polish, i always do my nails myself so i’m always on the lookout for new colours and brands. So i received two of these polishes in the shades Pink bikini and Lavender. These are fast drying and long lasting, which is always a plus. They ‘give a professional finish in just two coats’ and these are also vegan and cruelty free 🙂 ooo and an added bonus, you get a 50% code!

Bonus items: Organic Argan oil and Abre d’or Eau De Parfum samples and £5 Simply Argan voucher!

So minus the body butter, another box where i’ll probably use all the items.. especially the nail polishes.

You can subscribe to ‘Little Known Box’ >here< for only £14.95 per month! Such a great beauty box if you’re looking for up and coming brands that you may not have heard of before.

Are you subscribed to Little Known Box? If not are you subscribed to any other beauty boxes?

Kirsty x


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