August advertisers!

Hii! August has fast approached so it’s time for my first ever advertisers post! As you already know i love sharing other blogs and posts that i’ve read and i basically thought that free advertising would be another great way to share with you all some amazing blogs.


Imogen – Penchantsandprejudice


Imogen runs a beauty and lifestyle blog and has a totally unique voice that really stands out. Plus she’s just amazing (*insert sassy emoji) She is also currently writing an etsy series, which includes an array of different etsy sellers and i literally want to buy everything so far.

You can also find her on twitter – @penchantandprej

Shehzadi from heybeautybae

Shehzadi runs a beauty, fashion and lifestyle blog! Her latest post is all about the names and uses of makeup brushes, which has totally come in handy because i’m near enough clueless.

You can also find her on twitter – @heybeautybae

Rachel from rachelxblog


Rachel runs a beauty and lifestyle blog, she’s just been on holiday to Mexico so i’m looking forward to all the exciting posts she has lined up when she’s back!

You can also find her on twitter – @rbb_xo

Kayleigh from Kawebbwriting


Kayleigh is a episodic speculative fiction writer. She runs an original fiction blog where she posts all her own stories in ‘collections’. I hadn’t come across a blog like this before so was so excited when she emailed me as i am such an avid reader and i love finding new/not known authors.

You can also find her on twitter – @k_a_webb

Leanne from latteleanne


Leanne runs a cruelty-free beauty blog, and i am so glad to have come across her blog because I’ve wanted to look in to cruelty free beauty more and become cruelty free. She’s done so many reviews and I’ve not long finished reading her post on the Sheffield vegan festival which seemed like such fun (and veganism is actually another thing that i’m looking into as well).

You can also find her on twitter – @latteleanneblog

Emily from A sprinkle of emily


Emily runs a beauty, fashion and lifestyle blog, her posts and guides are in depth and informative which i really love when reading about products, i love her writing style and earlier today i also noticed a makeup tutorial which i totally need to check out!

You can also find her on twitter – @EmilyNewstead05

Aimee from Aimeeraindropwrites


Aimee runs a beauty, books, fashion and lifestyle blog! I love how her blog has a really great mix of different niches, i always read her book reviews and most of the time end up buying said books mainly because of her reviews!

You can find her on twitter – @aimeeraindrop

Make sure you visit all these amazing girls’ blogs and give them a follow on twitter!!

Also, if you’re interested in FREE advertising, i will be doing this every month for the rest of the year! So just comment/email/tweet and i’ll get back to you asap 🙂

Kirsty x

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